Monday, June 16, 2014

Racing Stripes Complete

A friend found a quilt on Pinterest she liked and asked me to make one for her.  I contacted the original maker--she was happy her quilt was selected and kindly gave permission for me to duplicate it.

The Front

The Back
Here is the blog where the original was shown:  Between Quilts by Valerie.  I used Peppered Cotton by Pepper Cory for EStudio Fabrics for the gray borders--great stuff!  A little different than my usual work but it's good to stretch the wings from time to time.

A few garden shots--the pond is overflowing with pickerel, water lilies, parrots feather and goldfish.  It's time to do some serious removal of plants--guess I'll have to get in there this year.

And my small vegetable garden:  2 full size tomatoes, 2 cherry tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 1 cucumber and 2 pepper plants:
June is for red raspberries, these were picked 2 days ago:

July means blackberries, looks like a bumper crop this year, and August should be the vegetables.  Nothing like fresh produce from the garden.

Now that Racing Stripes is done I have to decide what to work on next.  There are swap blocks to do, String Blocks was the majority choice; I wrote about that here.  A large quilt needs the binding turned to the back.  I'm eager to hand quilt a finish from a few months ago, and several quilts to get back to.

Let's quilt! Think I'll go see what others are doing at Judy L's Design Wall Monday.



  1. This is a far cry from your usual. Love your garden and pond and what they are producing.

  2. You did it! I love how your Racing Stripes quilt turned out! The colors are so rich. I'm sure your friend is so thankful for your hard work! Thank you for linking back to me :)