Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday March 19, 2012

It's crazy time for those of us who work "tax season".  Add a wedding to that, and a 5000 gallon backyard pond that is coming to life, and I am BUSY! 

Here are my Just Takes 2 blocks--and I'm only 5 blocks behind.  Hopefully, tomorrow, my last day off for a while, I'll get several of those, foundation paper pieced, blocks done.

The other big news I received this week was from Pam Dransfeldt, of Califormia. She is the Joyful Quilter, an awesome longarmer I met on Facebook.  A few years ago she quilted my quilt, Joyful Journey, (the purple one center on the top row of my banner) and I pieced a second one of those for her.  Hers is called Joyful Journey Too and she was pleased to get a call from the Glendale, CA quilt show last week that our quilt won First Place in Two-Person quilts:
The blue ribbon matches so well!  Maybe now I can get her to enter Paducah--mine was accepted there in 2010.  It would be great if the twins both got to hang there.

And just one shot from the yard--our cherry tree looked so pretty last week:

Be sure to see what's happening at
Off to work--wish I could quilt!



  1. Your medallion quilt is beautiful! Congratulations on the win!

  2. Congratulations on your blue ribbon!
    What a beautiful quilt!

    Happy Sewing

  3. Your Just Takes 2 blocks look great. I dropped out of that one. The blocks were too frustratingly difficult for me.

  4. I am much farther behind on my Just Takes 2 blocks. Keep sewing and you will catch up. I keep telling myself... Congrats on the Blue ribbon award!

  5. Wouldn't that be grand to have the 'twins' at the same show! Love the 'takes 2' blocks.

  6. Congratulation! The quilt is just great.

  7. Congratulations, Barbara -- that is just phenomenal!!!! :)

  8. The Joyful Journey quilts are WONDERFUL! They look like the world's best round robins!