Sunday, November 24, 2013

Class Just for Fun

Yesterday I took a class with my guild buddies--a scrap class that was fast and fun.  The instructor, Elaine Poplin who blogs as Messygoat, is a guild member who had adapted a Bonnie Hunter free pattern, String-X, to create a great quilt made from whatever scraps you have on hand.

I didn't "need" to take another class OR start another project but I wanted to support the instructor and when the supplies called for lots of scraps in various sizes, I looked around my studio and THERE was a big bag of said scraps--just waiting.  I opened one of the 6 closet doors to my stash and THERE, at eye level, were 3 fabrics that would do quite nicely for the background pieces.  So I paid the nominal fee and went to class.  Twenty five of us enjoyed the day, the friendships, and whipped those scraps into blocks.

Here are a few shots from the day:

My tablemates, Sharon, Annie, Deanna

The Featherweight table, 3 of the 4 machines

Julie comes prepared for class:  pressing table to the side, lots of thread, caddy full of supplies--everything but the kitchen sink!
Denise getting ready to square up her block

Elaine with a sample block

Half the class at the end of the day
All in all, it was a good day.  Eventually, I'll get back to this project--a few things are more pressing at the moment.  This would make a great charity quilt--very fast and you're using up what you have on hand.

Let's Quilt!


Monday, November 18, 2013

New Class Sample

Here is the sample for a new class I am teaching this winter/summer.  The applique' blocks will be offered first, then the pieced blocks.  Students can do both or either class--they are independent of one another.  The pattern is Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler Quilt, by Lori Smith, From My Heart to Your Hands--I love all her patterns.  The blocks are 5" finished and the total piece is 24" square.  It still needs it's binding. 

I thought I'd make the whole quilt but have decided this is enough.  Sometimes, that's just the lesson to be learned.  Now on to another important project I want to finish.

Check out what others are up to at Judy's L's Design Wall Monday blog.

Let's Quilt!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

While in San Antonio last week, we took a brief, unplanned photo stop at the Alamo and got there just in time to see a small group of Army folks gathering.  We were witness to a re-enlistment ceremony.  The officer spoke of the service and sacrifice of the family--his wife, children and parents were among the crowd.  That always chokes me up.  "They also serve who wait at home".  It was a very special moment to be a small part of.  The crowd cheered and  applauded after the oath--an oath that means a lot to me too. 

Here is a salute to all veterans, the unknown and the many I had the honor to serve with in the United States Marine Corps--Semper Fi!


Post-Festival Busy Time

Last week I got home from 15 days in Houston--13 days of work at International Quilt Market and Festival, and 2 days of fun and sightseeing on the Post-show tour--this year we went to San Antonio.  It is so  good to see something of Texas besides the Houston airport to the GRB convention center and back again. 

I've been going to Houston since 1996 and absolutely love my time there.  Market is exciting--let's see what's new and upcoming--and Festival is vibrant with over 60,000 visitors from all over the world.  My schedule keeps me on the 3rd floor most of the time, in the Education office, but every chance I get, I head downstairs to see the quilts and visit the vendors.  My job is to handle faculty check-in and manage all the freight they ship in--lots of fun getting to know more than 120 teachers, again from all over the world. 

In January I will be giving a Power Point lecture to my guild:  An Inside Look at International Quilt Market and Festival.  So this year I had to remember to take my camera every time I left the office.  While I could talk for hours about "Houston" as quilters know it, a Power Point lecture needs images.   Here are a few:

One of the TWO Founders Awards--by Janet Stone

A photo exhibit I call "If Quilters Ruled the World"  quilts on the SF Bay Bridge and US Capitol

Honu Harmony by my long-time friend, Eileen Williams--spectacular!

Two of my teacher buddies, Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey

There is always so much to do after being gone from home this long--laundry, mail, newspapers, etc.  Today I hope to unpack my goodies and cram them into the closet along with all their friends I brought home in the past years. 
 I also have to get a few samples finished for upcoming classes, like this:

Two applique' blocks from Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler, by From My Heart to Your Hands, Lori Smith

Enjoying my crazy kitties too--yes, they've grown while I was gone and Stitches, the male, is now able to get on top of everything--including the refrigerator and then the cabinet tops.  When we point the spray bottle at him, he just smiles.  Patches, good little girl, jumps down. 


I'd better get to it if I hope to get much done today--Let's Quilt!