Monday, March 18, 2013

4 weeks to go

Today it's 4 weeks to the end of tax season--can you tell I'm ready?

This weekend we took a fast trip to the Gulf for a family wedding.  Not the best time for a trip but I've come to realize family trumps work every time. 

During the 7 hour trip down I finished the binding on this doll quilt--a gift for the last person I am swapping with--I've done that for a year and it's time to get back to the things I want to finish.

It's 23" x 20" and will be headed  to Logan, Utah later this week.

Also during the trip down, I got the great email news that both quilts I submitted for consideration for a Special Exhibit at the IQF Chicago show were accepted.  The exhibit is called Traditional Treasures 2013 and it will premiere at Chicago in June.  It may travel to Houston--I hope it does because I really want to see the quilts hanging in such great company.  Here's a quick look--I'll post more about these quilts in 4-5 weeks!

Let's Quilt!