Sunday, October 29, 2023


This quilt is the 2023 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show. It was designed by Sarah Fielke exclusively for The Quilt Show and is only available at The Quilt Show. The best news is it's FREE for Star Members of The Quilt Show. Each month in 2023 a new part of the quilt is released for download to Star Members. 

As always, watch any Videos that are provided to supplement the pattern instructions. 

This month we add the 4 Hearts to the pieced borders made last month. Then we complete those borders and add them to the center of the quilt:

Follow the directions in the pattern to create the pieced border. Take care to have the light fabrics facing into the center of the quilt and the darker fabrics facing out, if you want your quilt to look like Sarah's. I did not do that with the Month 5 border and I also didn't have the Kit at that time so some of my fabrics in Month 5 are different from the Kit. My Month 10 HST units are exactly like the pattern. 

You will add 4 of Star A made in Month 6 to the four corners of the pieced borders. Nice to have those done already, right?

Now we make the 12 Cabins for the last border, Cabins A and B.

CABIN A Wall Fabric: Tiny Dots CANDY    make 8 of these

CABIN B Wall Fabric: Tiny Dots PEACHY  make 4 of these

CUTTING SUGGESTION FOR THE ROOF: The pattern shows how to make the Roofs from Flying Geese units, FOUR AT A TIME. The cutting measurements are EXACT SIZES--everything has to be perfect for the roofs to come out the correct size--the marking, cutting, sewing and pressing. I prefer to use larger sizes so I can Trim to Perfection. 

I cut the Roof Fabric 5.5" square. The background fabric squares need to be 3 1/8" square. To QUICKLY DRAW THE DIAGONAL LINES on the background fabric, I cut the square 6.25", drew the diagonal lines on the wrong side, then cut the 6.25" square into FOUR small squares, each 3 1/8". 

The Roof units are made Four at a Time, just as I showed for making the Star Point units in Month 6. Find that blog here: Four Flying Geese at Once That blog also has a direct link to my full TUTORAL on this method. 

Similar to the center cabin, these little cabins have SMALL PIECES. I found it helpful to create a pattern in Electric Quilt so I could be sure of the cut sizes. We are not providing this pattern--you can always draw it out for yourself if you like. My page shows the sizes of the 4 units:

I did not paper piece the units as each was small and I didn't want to make all those little units with paper. I pieced it just as the instructions say.

When piecing such small units, accuracy is so important.  I strongly recommend you check EACH SEAM as it is sewn. This tip I learned from Sally Collins, the master of making small blocks. To IMPROVE ALL YOUR PIECING, watch her show:

Here are photos showing how I checked each seam as I went. You want to find the mistake as soon as it happens, not after you do the next step:

A 1" piece sewn to a 1" piece should be 1" x 1.5"--this needs trimming on the peach side

Adding the 1" x 1.5" peach piece makes this 1" x 2.5", more trimming needed 

Adding a 1" x 2.5" wall makes this 1.5" x 2.5" 

Adding the other wall makes this 2" x 2.5" There are TWO of  these units

The Door unit is 1.5" x 2.5" Some trimming needed here on the peach

The bottom half of the Cabin is 2.5" x 4.5" Trim to perfection

The back of the units showing how I pressed the seams

Completed Cabins are 4.5" square, including seam allowances 

When checking for accuracy, use the FINISHED SIZE OF EACH PIECE, then add the 1/2" seam allowances to determine what size the unit should be. 

That is it for this month. Next month we make the stair-step pieced units for the outer border and it's all done!

We are getting toward the end of this year. The MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE I  HAVE FOR YOU: be sure to SAVE, COPY, PRINT, whatever method you prefer, ALL THE PATTERNS before DECEMBER 31, 2023. After that, all rights to the patterns return to Sarah Fielke, the designer. We cannot give anyone these patterns after that date, and no one else here can legally give them to you either. Please be proactive in saving what you still need so you can finish without having to BUY missing months.

Let's quilt.


Sunday, October 22, 2023


 Recently, I was sent a copy of a new book by my friend, Pepper Cory for review:

The 6" ruler is to show the cute size of this POCKET GUIDE.  Pepper's book will be for sale December 5, 2023--it's release date to the American market. I see it is available for pre-order now.

It is 64 pages of great information and photos. Easy to understand instructions, along with historical information will have you excited to use this very old, yet now modern again, SLOW stitching technique.

Back Cover

Table of Contents

Years ago I took a Sashiko class from Pepper and I really enjoyed it. But life gets in the way and I didn't keep going. Last year I took a Sashiko class at International Quilt Festival in Houston from Becky Scellato. I enjoyed the class but had not touched that project since then. Now I am excited to get it back out and get stitching again! 

All you need is fabric, a design, thread, needle, and a thimble. Pepper's book explains each of these things in detail. How to draw your own patterns as well as how to use commercial stencils will teach you all you need to know to get started.

Using pre-printed fabric made for a great class kit and you can find these panels in shops and online. Google Pre Printed Sashiko Fabric to find many options. Here is Becky Scellato's website: Shibori Dragon

Besides using Sashiko and Boro stitching for quilts and home furnishings, Pepper's book shows how to decorate a denim jacket as well as make a beautiful scarf. You will look at your favorite scraps in a whole new way as you play with Boro stitching. I am eager to give that a try now too.

The Pocket Guide to Sashiko and Boro Stitching costs less than $10. If you are looking for a fun, easy, meditative way to spend your quiet time, look no further than this little book.

Let's quilt!


Sunday, October 15, 2023


 This is the last post I'll do about clothes for sale. These coats and jackets are in Like-New condition. I want them to find good homes. Local is preferable due to the high cost of shipping but I will ship, the cost of shipping will be added to the cost.

1. Gallery Woman Long Coat, waterproof, removable warm lining, removable hood, inner zipper for warmth, outer buttons for speed,  deep pockets--I LOVE this coat! I am really sad it no longer fits. I have gotten several years from it but it looks brand new. If it fits you, it will be a coat you will love too. Size 1X,  $75

See the link for all the information and sizing: This appears to be the same coat just not red

 2. Land's End Women's Squall Hooded Waterproof Raincoat. I LOVE this so much I just replaced it in my size. I've worn this for several years and it still looks brand new.  Size  2X, $75.

 See the link for all the information and sizing. Land's End Women's Squall

3. Land's End Women's Squall Hooded Waterproof Raincoat--this was brand new last Fall as I needed a smaller size. It was worn very little and is really close to brand new. Red wasn't available last year which is why this is Navy Blue. Size XL (18) $75

See the link for all the information and sizing: Women's Squall Hooded Waterproof Raincoat SOLD

4. Land's End Women's Outrigger Mesh Lined Raincoat. The perfect lightweight raincoat for most of the year.  I  wore it less than 5 times so it is brand new,  Size 2X, $30 

See the link for all the information and sizing:  Land's End Women's Outrigger Mesh Lined Jacket

5. Denim Jacket, in excellent condition, label says Size Small so I think that is a man's small. It is probably about a 10-12 woman's Denim Jacket. I have two others so am letting this one go. Everyone needs a great, basic, denim jacket.  $30

When I get home from Houston, in early November, any of these especially great garments I have listed for sale will be donated to a woman's organization here. Goodwill has gotten at least 35 bags full of clothes from me over the past year. This is the GOOD STUFF.

Take a look at the previous post to see if there is something there of interest: Quality Garments For Sale

Now I am back to quilting.


Sunday, October 8, 2023


 I LOVE the beach. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air, the interesting wildlife: gulls, pelicans, dolphins, fish, seashells. Everything about the beach is wonderful to me. My husband, who has fair skin and blue eyes, is not a fan so we rarely go. 

A couple months ago, with new, much smaller swimsuits in my closet, I knew I wanted to go somewhere to SWIM. I suggested the beach and he agreed--if we could go to Panama City Beach, FL. Four years ago I taught there for the St Andrews Bay Quilt Guild for the second time. Hubby had one of his top 10 all time great dinners at The Grand Marlin restaurant and wanted to go back. So we did.

BOARDWALK BEACH RESORT CONDOS:  Royal American Beach Getaways

22 floors, we were on Floor 10

Husband waving from our Balcony

View looking out from our balcony

View looking down from our balcony

We enjoyed everything about this place and will return next year, for two additional days. It takes 7.5 hours to get there so I want a couple extra days to make the trip worthwhile.

Our condo had everything we needed and was clean and well-equipped. Check-in was very easy. The Military Discount was unexpected but appreciated. Two Bedrooms, two Baths, sleeps 6 if two use the sofa bed in the living room. It was perfect for the two of us:

I got in my power walk, at least 4.5 miles each morning. Walking on the sand isn't as easy as it looks. It was a glorious way to start each day and at 6:30 am there were few people out there:

AirPods in, ready for walking/singing on the beach

Can you see the Pier, way off in the distance? It felt as far away as it looks here:

That was where I turned around each morning

We ate great seafood. Dinner the first night was at Pineapple Willy's, close by the condo. I had Mandarin Walnut salad with grilled shrimp then ordered an additional 5 grilled shrimp for more protein and because they were delicious:

The next night was The Grand Marlin, I made reservations and I dressed up. We both loved our meals--I had Cioppino--and they brought us a beautiful, decadent, yummy dessert for our special occasion:

The next day we did some touristy stuff: Ripley's Believe It or Not for a few hours. I wasn't overwhelmed but hubby enjoyed it and it was a good way to get out of the condo for a bit. We did lunch out at Bayou on the Beach--I had fried shrimp and oysters with Sweet Potato Fries and he had Shrimp and Grits:

That evening we ate dinner on our balcony--salad, cheese, crackers, wine, and watched the sun go down:

The first two days had been overcast but the Gulf water was warm and I swam every day. The pool had a problem needing a part our first two days so the pool/hot tubs were closed. Swimming in the Gulf was fine for me. 

Thursday night was the Harvest Moon and I was eager to see it over the Gulf. Early it was cloudy so there wasn't much to see BUT at 5:30 am the next morning I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the full moon, so clear and crisp. My poor photo doesn't do it justice:

At 6:30 am it was still beautiful:

It was our last day and it turned into the PERFECT beach day, sunny, mid-80's, clear, wonderful and few people were on the beach. I did my power walk, then swam in the Gulf, and then we enjoyed swimming in the pool. Then lounging in the Hot Tub. Such a relaxing way to wrap up our too-short vacation.

Dinner the last night was at Captain Andersons. We both loved our meals but ate too much. I had planned carefully ahead of time but had not factored in the yummy hard rolls and butter before dinner, the hush puppies with dinner or the incredibly decadent huge dessert we shared. I know I exceeded my calories for the day with that one meal. 

I almost forgot the photo--here is some of my Oven Baked Crab Stuffed Grouper, and hubby had fried seafood:

The dessert we didn't resist, edible bowl filled with sponge cake, raspberry sauce, chocolate mousse and whipped cream:

On the trip home the next day we stopped at All Steak in Cullman, AL, about an hour from home. I had a lovely Pear Gorgonzola Salad with Grilled Salmon:

Hubby had Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes--he was over seafood by now:

It was such a great vacation, totally relaxing and everything I hoped it would be. The two new swimsuits were perfect. As usual, I brought twice the clothes I needed. With a washer/dryer in the condo I didn't need much:

Headed to the pool:

Out to dinner night 2: 

Going to see the sights, day 3:

End of the day, just relaxing: 

The first morning home I wasn’t surprised I was up one pound. Twenty four hours later, that was gone. A week later I was down two more. Very pleased that getting right back on my usual track does what it should. 

Back to real life, getting ready for teaching in Houston the end of October. The three boxes of teaching supplies were shipped last week. The guest bed is loaded with the rest of the teaching stuff I have to take. I hope there is room for 8 days of clothes too. I am able to mix/match all my wardrobe now so that will help.

I LOVE the beach!

Now, let's quilt.


Sunday, October 1, 2023


This quilt is the 2023 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show. It was designed by Sarah Fielke exclusively for The Quilt Show and is only available at The Quilt Show. The best news is it's FREE for Star Members of The Quilt Show. Each month in 2023 a new part of the quilt is released for download to Star Members. 

After spending 3 months on the wide applique border, you will like how quickly the pieced border goes in Month 10. There is just a small amount of applique, leaves, stems, and  berries. 

As always, watch any videos provided to supplement the pattern instructions. The Month 5 video may also be helpful:  Month 5 Video

The Half Square Triangle units are the exact same size as those made in Month 5. The fabrics to use for the Large Triangles and Small Triangles are spelled out clearly in the Fabric Requirements so I won't list them here. Just pull out the 6 fabrics for the Large HST and the 4 fabrics for the Small HST and you will easily be able to see where they go.

I make HST with a Half Square Triangle ruler, like the one in the Accessory Kit. You can also make them from squares--I cut the squares 3" vs 2 7/8", I prefer that so I can "trim to perfection".  My blog for Month 5 discusses how to make the HST units: Month 5

The applique is simple this month, leaves, stems and berries:

ROUND LEAF  Sweet Pea SWEET  32 using the Round Leaf Template from Month 3
ROUND LEAF Dragon's Breath AMEYTHST 32 using the Round Leaf Template from Month 3

BERRIES  Paperweight PAPRIKA  8 using the Template B circle from Month 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: My large rectangles are DIFFERENT FROM THE PATTERN. There was a cutting error I discovered after machine appliqueing the wrong size Bias Stems to both ends of the 4.5" x 10.5" Background Rectangles. The error has been corrected. Rather than spend hours removing and replacing those short stems, I simply added a berry to the end of each to cover up the raw edge. The stems are supposed to go under the Heart, which will be added in Month 11. Because I used the same fabric for the berries that is supposed to be used for the Heart, I changed my hearts to a lighter fabric. My own personal Design Decision. It's your quilt, you get to decide.

Here is mine--this is NOT THE SAME AS THE PATTERN:

I think you will find this a fun and easy month. The end is in sight! Next month we add the 4 Hearts, and complete the HST borders, adding them to the quilt center. Then we make the 12 Cabins for the last border.

We are getting toward the end of this project. The MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE I  HAVE FOR YOU: be sure to SAVE, COPY, PRINT, whatever method you prefer, ALL THE PATTERNS before DECEMBER 31, 2023. After that, all rights to the patterns return to Sarah Fielke, the designer. We cannot give anyone these patterns after that date, and no one else here can legally give them to you either. Please be proactive in saving what you still need so you can finish without having to BUY missing months.

Let's quilt.