The story of my some of my favorite quilts, the ones I am known for, the ones I love:


My most recognizable work.  The patterns came from, a free block of the month pattern from 2012.  I changed a few of the blocks for ones I preferred, and created the distinctive, intricate border.  It won Best of Show in Fanfare 2013.  This quilt was chosen as the Commemorative Quilt to represent the 40th anniversary of the International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX.  It has been displayed at many shows, was used in all the advertising for the 2014 anniversary show, and was featured on the show pins and tote bags.  Read about my experience in my wrap up blog here.

 JOYFUL JOURNEY:  made in 2009

This quilt represents a turning point for me.  I decided to do my best work in this quilt, piecing as precisely as I could.  I chose fabrics I loved and found a magnificent quilter, Pamela Spencer Dransfeldt, the Joyful Quilter, to custom quilt it.  The pattern is Washington Medallion by Sue Garman and can be found at Sue's website here.

Here is a tidbit about Joyful Journey at the 2010 AQS Paducah show:  Selected for the Quilt Engagement Calendar  This was the first quilt I ever entered in Paducah and I was thrilled it was selected.

This quilt taught me if I do my best, that's pretty good.

A-ROUND WITH MY FRIENDS: made 2004-2011

Hand applique'd, Hand quilted, wool batt.  Made as a round robin with two friends.  Selected as one of the 500 Traditional Quilts in the book by the same name.  Best of Show, Fanfare 2011, juried into AQS Phoenix and Paducah, 2014.  One of my most favorites. More info here.

OLD STARS, NEW DAY: made 2011-2012

Pattern is Stars for a New Day, by Sue Garman, Block of the Month 2009 for  Pattern still available here.  Selected as one of the 500 Traditional Quilts in the 2014 book by the same name.  First place Fanfare 2013 Two-Person Large Quilts.