Sunday, July 30, 2023


 This quilt is the 2023 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show. It was designed by Sarah Fielke exclusively for The Quilt Show and is only available at The Quilt Show. The best news is it's FREE for Star Members of The Quilt Show. Each month in 2023 a new part of the quilt is released for download to Star Members. 

This month we continue to add leaves and flowers to the wide applique borders. 

I had a bit of a struggle with the Petal Flower--which I really like. I wish I had drawn some registration marks on the  background for the petal placement so they were stitched as they should have been. The one in the photo above is particularly wonky. This one is better: 

The other thing that was a challenge was selecting the various fabrics from the Kit and knowing how many of each to cut. I made a few "wrong" choices. So they became "Design Decisions". 

To assist you with the Kit fabric selection, here is what is needed for Month 8 from the Kit:

TULIP FLOWERS:  Tiny Stripes Aster 4

                                     Tula Pink Solids Divax  4

PETALS: Tiny Dots Bluebell  16   (listed as Flower for Month 8 in the Fabric Requirements

FLOWER CENTER:   Dragon's Breath Snapdragon   4

VINE FLOWER:  Tiny Dots Peachy  8  NOTE: this is a correction, pattern says 4 of each orange

                                 Dragon's Breath Snapdragon  8  NOTE: this is a correction, pattern says 4 

VINE FLOWER TOP:  Tiny Stripes Mystic  8  NOTE: this is a correction, pattern says 4

                                           Tiny Dots Thistle   8  NOTE: this is a correction, pattern says 4

TULIP LEAF:   Tiny Dots Lilypad    8

                             Tiny Stripes Fern   8

FLOWER LEAF:  Dragon's Breath Matcha  4

The pattern often says to refer to photos of the quilt for placement. I have saved the photo so I can find it easily and it is also in my FAVORITES in the Quilt Gallery--find the photos here:  SEE QUILTS  If you are logged in as a Star Member you can save it to your FAVORITES to find quickly.

There is a lot of applique in months 7-9. I chose to do the bias stems by machine applique, the flowers and leaves by needle turn hand applique, and the birds by prepared turn edge machine applique--I will discuss that in Month 9.

Whatever method you chose, enjoy the journey.

Let's quilt.


Sunday, July 23, 2023

It's A Puzzle Class

 Recently, I taught a class for my original design quilt, It's A Puzzle. Only two students had signed up but rather than have the class canceled, one student prevailed on two more to join us. So we had a happy group of 4.

My samples are made with 3" blocks, 4" blocks or 6" blocks. The process is the same, just different size blocks. 

Civil War Puzzle, 6" blocks--the featured quilt I am teaching August 9-16, 2024 on the Alaska Legacy Quilting Cruise. Information about the Cruise is just a click away--use the link on the right. Register now as the limited spaces are filling quickly:

The other two samples, 3" and 4" blocks: 

The inspiration quilt for this design is a 1920's baby quilt I saw on a Facebook group of Vintage and Antique quilts, owned and posted by Julie Silber. A new computer means I cannot find that photo at the moment, sigh...

I wrote about this project before, find that post with more information HERE

The students had a good time and worked on their choice of sizes: 

Heather, Evelyn, Sandra and Glenda

Detail shots: 

The pattern for Civil War Puzzle  is available for purchase as a digital download from Stitchin Heaven Quilt Shop

Let's quilt.


Sunday, July 16, 2023


I recently picked up my FULL CIRCLE quilt from the amazing longarm quilter, Patty Wilson, and want to show you her beautiful quilting. 

Patty's business is called SewN2U Longarm Quilting. You can find her on Facebook here: PattySewN2U. She is one of the most talented, thoughtful, hard-working long arm quilters I know. Look at how beautiful this is:

The back is almost as pretty as the front:

This class will be taught as a SPECIAL EVENT September 11-15, 2023, at Southern Charm Quilting, Huntsville AL. It is the only time this opportunity is expected to be offered here, in my hometown, and currently there are only 4 openings in the class. Register today if you want to learn a lot of amazing and maybe, challenging techniques. There will be 20 students--at least 4 are traveling here by air and auto just to have the chance to make this "Bucket List" quilt. 

The pattern is by Wendy Williams. I have written a 10 page Handout with helpful "Tips, Changes and Clarifications" to make the process of constructing this quilt achievable for most confident, dedicated quilters.

See this previous post about the local class:  Full Circle with student photos

Next year I will be teaching this at Empty Spools Seminar at Asilomar in CA. March 1-6, 2024. I have been told this class is almost sold out to the 25 student capacity. I have heard from several students who will be coming from all over the country. I am SO EXCITED about being part of the Empty Spools Faculty--this is truly one of my most important "Bucket List" jobs. And it is an event I have always wanted to attend. Now I get to be part of the Faculty.

See this previous post about Empty Spools: Full Circle at Asilomar 2024

If you want to make this quilt, I strongly recommend you join me so I can help you. It will teach you a lot and be a special part of your Joyful Journey as a quiltmaker.

I am diligently sewing the binding in place. For a quilt this size, 88" x 88", I allow 12-15 hours for the entire binding process. Hand-sewing the binding to the back takes the longest but is still my preferred method.

Let's quilt.


Sunday, July 9, 2023


 There is only SO much time available. Quilt tops I thought I would finish keep piling up. So I offer them for sale. I hope you find something you like.

The advantage to buying a top is you can finish it as you like. No time spent picking out or preparing all the fabrics , or sewing. Just quilt, bind and it's done.

Prices do not include shipping and will be added for a final cost. I accept cash, checks, and PayPal.

1. HOMEWARD BOUND: 70" X 70" 2023 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show. Designed by Sarah Fielke. Techniques: hand applique, machine applique, machine piecing, foundation paper piecing. $500  SOLD

2.  AUTUMN FEATHERED STAR: 35" x 35" Begun as a swap with two quilting friends. This can be the center of a large quilt or finished this size. I have lots of the fabrics remaining should you wish to purchase that as well to enlarge it, I will make you a deal. Machine pieced.  $125

3. Sylvia's Bridal Sampler: 42" x 42" Class sample made from the Jennifer Chiaverini book by the same name. Machine piecing, hand piecing, foundation paper piecing. Some of my favorite fabrics. $150 SOLD

4. Garden Party Down Under Large sample: 48" x 50"  The 2022 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show, designed by Irene Blanck.  This was made to serve as samples for the monthly blog posts I write for the Block of the Month quilts. Machine applique, hand applique, machine piecing. $300

5. GARDEN PARTY DOWN UNDER SMALL SAMPLE: 39" x 39"  As I did not need another large quilt I decided to sew the sample blocks into two quilts. This is the smaller of the two. Machine applique, hand applique, foundation paper piecing, machine piecing. $175 SOLD

6. PATCHWORK BARN--WITHOUT THE BARN: 76" x 98" The 2018 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show, designed by Edyta Sitar. I replaced the center barn block with a Rolling Star block. Machine piecing, foundation paper piecing. Some of my most favorite 1800's reproduction fabrics. This quilt can be quilted spectacularly--the white sashing begs for great designs and I would put a beautiful feathered vine in the wide green outer borders. $800  (If I ultimately keep this and have it quilted the finished quilt will be sold for $2500.

7. SCRAP HAPPY: 32" x 46", made as a class sample taught on a Caribbean cruise for Stitchin Heaven, March 2023. Perfect quilt for a child. Simple to enlarge--just add any bright, cheerful print you like for a border. $100

I hope you find something that speaks to you.

Find previous Sunday Sales here:



Let's quilt.