Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday March 26, 2012

It's Wedding Week and life is hectic!  We worked in the yard most of Sunday and things are looking good there.   Spring has sprung early this year, as it has for most of you, so the place should look nice later this week as a few friends come to visit.  Here is the pond:

Yesterday I saw the first water lily bud so hopefully, there will be a bloom in a few days.

I've signed up for a doll quilt monthly swap, starting in April, and here is what I think I'll do for the first one:

I have a large bag full of these 2" finished size half-square triangles so this is a fun way to use them. 

And I'm almost done all the Just Takes 2 red/white blocks for the first quarter.  The last block is supposed to be hand-pieced but I'm doing it by the hybrid method:  machine piece the straight lines, hand piece the curves.  I'm eager to sew this first quadrant together--we should get that info soon.
My friend, Judy Murrah, has a great challenge for those who love vintage lace.  Check out her blog: Judy Murrah   She provides creative ideas for embellishing and making memory gifts.  I couldn't resist this one--making a wedding memory is my next plan--after tax season!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week--can you believe it's the end of March already!  Check out Patchwork Times to see what others have been doing.

Let's quilt!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday March 19, 2012

It's crazy time for those of us who work "tax season".  Add a wedding to that, and a 5000 gallon backyard pond that is coming to life, and I am BUSY! 

Here are my Just Takes 2 blocks--and I'm only 5 blocks behind.  Hopefully, tomorrow, my last day off for a while, I'll get several of those, foundation paper pieced, blocks done.

The other big news I received this week was from Pam Dransfeldt, of Califormia. She is the Joyful Quilter, an awesome longarmer I met on Facebook.  A few years ago she quilted my quilt, Joyful Journey, (the purple one center on the top row of my banner) and I pieced a second one of those for her.  Hers is called Joyful Journey Too and she was pleased to get a call from the Glendale, CA quilt show last week that our quilt won First Place in Two-Person quilts:
The blue ribbon matches so well!  Maybe now I can get her to enter Paducah--mine was accepted there in 2010.  It would be great if the twins both got to hang there.

And just one shot from the yard--our cherry tree looked so pretty last week:

Be sure to see what's happening at
Off to work--wish I could quilt!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday March 12, 2012

Relief!  Peacock Love is done! 

The border print adds a great touch.  I added 2" black solid strips to both sides of the border print before attaching it to the quilt.  I had hoped to do perfect miters but the border print is not symmetrical so each corner is different.  The lines all match as close to perfectly as I could get them so the flowers not being perfect seem less noticeable:
If you are working with symmetrical border prints, like Jinny Beyer designs, you will find tremendous help at her website:  Her tips and lessons are great:  Tips and Lessons

Now I can get back to those red and white blocks from JustTakes2.  The 15" feathered star is next, then a couple simple paper-pieced flying geese strips.  Hope to get these done before March 15, when the next unit comes up.  Then we'll get instructions for joining all these blocks into the first quarter of the quilt. 

I've been very busy at work and to complicate matters, I was rear-ended on our main highway 2 weeks ago so this week my car goes into the shop for repair.  The other guy's insurance will pay for the rental car and all repair costs but it's just the time to do all this that is annoying.  Fortunately, I was completely stopped and had left lots of room with the car in front of me so it was only one wreck, not two.  He was very apologetic and claimed full responsibility.  I was stopped, he was looking in his rear-view mirror and just plowed into me.  No one was hurt but I was shaken up for a few minutes, until we could get our cars out of the main traffic lanes.  A police officer was on the scene for another issue, so that helped.  Be careful, people, watch out for each other.  None of us has time for a car wreck, so slow down!

My beloved husband took the netting off our large pond yesterday and now the goldfish are coming to life and ready for food again.  There's some leaf debris I need to get out and the water needs treatment but the wedding is less than 3 weeks away, it's the height of tax season for me, and I really just want to sew!  With guests coming for the wedding I must work on the pond some but not today.  Maybe tomorrow...

Check out what people with more time than me are up to at Patchwork Times

Let's quilt!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday March 5, 2012

Teaser!  All 30 blocks are done and only the  last row has to be joined to the rest.  I ran out of steam.  So here is a shot of the border fabric:

It will be a great outer border.  Hopefully,  Tuesday, my only day off this week, I'll be able to complete this last step. 

Be sure to check out Patchwork Times with Judy L to see what others have done.  Probably a lot more than I got done. 

Let's Quilt!