Monday, September 8, 2014

Design Wall Monday September 8, 2014

While on vacation last week, I finished the applique' for a future Simple What Nots Club quilt--I am coordinating the Kim Diehl Simple What Nots Club at our local shop.  For more info, see here.

This one has instructions for both a pieced and this applique' center--you choose which you prefer.  I have another outer border to go, then this one is done.  I used 3 different methods for sewing on the vines, two by machine, one by hand.  I prefer to fold bias vines in thirds, then stitch in place, rather than use bias bars as the instructions say to do.  In class, I provide as many options as I can think of so students can choose or even learn a new favorite.

Hope to finish this one this week and I'm currently hand-appliqueing another one, Tiddlywinks!

Class is this Friday night so I have to prepare a few samples to demo this one:

Idaho Lily
Let's quilt!



  1. Beautiful! I'm scared of applique. . . need to do a class or something and just get over it :) I like that you give options in your classes. I'd probably have to try all of them LOL

  2. All it takes is figuring out the method you prefer, and practice! A class is a good way to learn the steps.

  3. That's a good idea to provide many options - make people not be so intimidated by applique. Love your samples.

  4. That is called Widdly Tinks! I get it confused also.

  5. I know your classes are well planned and you are well prepared. Lucky students. Samples are beautiful, Barbara.