Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Searching For My Mojo

For the past week I've been trying to wrap my head around what quilts I want to work on now, what direction I want to go with my quilting, what I really want to be doing/creating.  Thinking about what I should post for my Design Wall status had me just going around in circles. 

So I thought it funny and comforting that several other bloggers had a similar message yesterday--and photos of their design wall with more than one, in fact with many, projects in process.  Here is mine:

Yes, I dolled it up by sticking up lots of stuff that was just laying near the wall.  Some of the tops are done and just need quilting.  Some of these are leader/ender projects that go on forever.  Some are projects I really want to get back to, like the Ruffled Roses quilt directly below the Gee's Bend inspired top.  It is more than half done. I just need to get back to it.    The red/white/blue pineapple is intended as a Quilt of Valor, just needs to be larger. 

My interests are eclectic and I'm easily distracted by the next "great" project that comes along.  After cleaning out my closet last July, and finding more than a few Works in Progress, I've gotten rid of a couple, restarted a couple and finished one top.  Progress, in teeny, tiny steps.

The problem, as best I can come to terms with it is:  I often have deadlines that have to be met, like class samples, the Simple WhatNot Club quilts, gifts, garments for Houston, etc.  Everything else gets put aside while those are completed.  By the time I have cleared the decks, a few more "new" projects have caught my eye. 

Add to that, being co-chair of our next quilt show, preparing for committee meetings for that, and this week I prepared the special slideshow that will be featured in Houston at our Ruby Jubilee luncheon.  These are all wonderful/challenging/fun things I love to do but:  Something has to give. 

So my plan for the rest of this week is to settle on:

1.  Two leader/ender projects at a time, no more
2.  Decide what quilts  I plan to enter in our guild show October 2015, focus on those
3.  Decide What quilt top gets finished next
4.  Concentrate on hand quilting at night--there are at least 2 quilts basted and ready for that
5.  Finish Big Stitch hand quilting a large throw that is 75% done--I plan to have it done by this weekend.

So, there's my plan for the very near future--I feel better already!

Check out Judy L's blog, to see what productive people have gotten done.

Let's quilt!



  1. A good idea to plan out the week for quilting projects I should try this, presently I have a list up on my notice board now of "finish" dates for projects and I must say I have more on there than I had thought.
    Good luck with your plan!

  2. Good luck on your goals - I did weekly goals for a while and it helped keep me on task....I probably need to start that up again!!

  3. Nothing like a goal to keep you focused. Sometimes I have to go back and check on my goals or I'm off on a tangent and forget what I really want to work on.

  4. For me, it helps to have a list to stay focused. Good luck!

  5. Can you tell I'm catching up on some blog reading this morning? To a lesser level, a very much understand what you're saying. I'm very easily distracted, and when I reach a point in a project that I feel is hard (or perhaps just uncomfortable because it's new quilting ground for me), I tend to shelve the project. Hence my pile of UFOs. The funny thing is, most of the time, when I hit that kind of hurdle, later on it's not such a big deal. It's just getting to the point that I pick it up again! in the meantime though, several different techniques have caught my eye, and there I go in three more different directions. I like processes and gadgets. Small projects suit me best, not because of space, but because it's the only way I have the patience to finish them!! :)