Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Traditional Quilts in Houston!

If you love traditional quilts as I do, this is the year to attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  The red and white quilt exhibits are breathtaking--contemporary quilts made since 1974, vintage and antique pre-1974, and a stunning exhibit of miniature red and quilts.

The 500 Traditional Quilts exhibit includes 260 from this brand new book.  There are famous quilts you know that have won major awards and there are two of mine.  I had 20 minutes yesterday to run through there but will be back later to really absorb this incredible collection of artwork.  No photography is permitted in this exhibit--BUY the book--the perfect Quilter's gift!

Today the changes start from Market to Festvial.  The award winning quilts will be moved to the Ballroom open the 3rd floor for tonight's exciting and dramatic reveal of the winners.  I continue with Faculty check-in.  How fun it is to meet and greet old friends.

Let's quilt!




  1. I'm a traditional quilt lover, too. I like the modern quilts . . . but traditional gets me *every* time! It sounds like you're having a blast, even though I know you're working very hard, too!! :)

  2. I got this book for mom... she can just sit and look at quilts... loves it