Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baby Love + Smitten

We made a quick trip to St. Louis to visit our grandgirl, Stella, and her folks, our #2 son, Andrew, and his wife Lauren.  The trip there took 9 hours as we used the "streetlight way", less than half the trip was Interstate.  A little less stressful than high speed traffic, lots of trucks, etc., but that's a long time to sit.  The trip home was Interstate all the way so we could visit our #1 son, Joshua, in Nashville.  It took 8 hours to get home, there was some stopped traffic in the Nashville area.  We loved seeing Stella and her parents, but it was a long trip for 2 days with them.

BTW, if you are in St. Louis and want a fine dining Italian meal, you can't miss with Charlie Gittos on the Hill --oh my, what a delicious meal!  Save your pennies and splurge for a special occasion there. 

Every grandparent thinks theirs is the BEST, and we're no exception.  She sure is cute.  She was 2  months old on August 2.  Here are more photos of my scrumptious Princess:

Grampa is SO happy

My Favorite shot

We are so proud of the job our kids are doing as parents and feel confident the next generation is in good hands.  It's amazing to see my "baby" as a daddy--he's a natural.  When Lauren returns to work later this month, Andy will be the full-time caregiver of his precious little girl.  What a special time for them to share. 

Just so this has some quilt connection, I took 3 Smitten blocks with me to hand piece and finished them all, some sewing in the car, most while we babysat Stella so her Mommy and Daddy could go to a movie.  Here they are along with the two blocks I machine pieced last week:

Now it's on to the next block design.  These finish almost 12" across so they go together pretty quickly.  I'll prep several blocks for my trip to Portland, OR next week for Quilt!Knit!Stitch!  Lots of airplane time on that trip. 

Let's quilt!

Barbara AKA BB


  1. Precious grandbaby time! What a cute little sweetheart.
    I'm crossing the country next week for another week with my new grandbaby--can't wait. And I'll be gathering my handstitching to take with me.
    You've got some beautiful blocks there.

  2. OK, I feel like I just crawled out from under my rock, but the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! event is new to me. Since I'll be around Portland on that Friday I'm going to make every effort to go. And Stella is adorable, obviously a happy baby.

    1. Friday I'll be demo-ing String piecing from 10-12 and 4-6 at the Open Studio area on the show floor. I'll be easy to find so be sure to say Hello!

  3. Stella is a sweetie! Grand children are a joy!

  4. What a precious little girl!