Where I will be teaching and/or working away from home:


January 18-21:    Road to California, Ontario, CA:
                                Antique Rose Star January 18
                                Smitten January 19
                                2-4-1 January 20-21

March 1-3:   Illinois Quilters Inc.  Northbrook, IL
                      Lecture March 1 8 p.m. How to Make an Award Winning Quilt
                      String Stars March 2 8:30-2:30
                      Feathered Stars Precisely Paper Pieced March 3  8:30-2:30

April 3:  Cumberland Valley Quilters Association, Brentwood, TN
                      Lecture April 3 10 a.m. Color and Quiltmaking--Don't Be Afraid
                      Smitten April 3  12:30--3:30 p.m. April 4 9-3

April 10-15   Chicago, IL Rosemont Working International Quilt Festival Chicago

May 15-21  Portland, OR Working International Quilt Market Spring

June 16-18   San Diego Canyon Quilt Guild, San Diego, CA
                           Smitten June 17
                           Lecture June 18

July                    Closed

August 24-30    Denver, Taping www.thequiltshow.com

October 31-November 12  Houston, TX Working International Quilt Market and Festival


March 17-18  Lakeview Quilters Guild, Houston, TX
                       Workshop March 17  TBD
                       Lecture March 18      TBD

March 28-30   Florence, AL  Judge, Batting Brigade Quilt Show

April 5-6 St. Andrew Bay Quilters Guild, Panama City. FL
                       Workshop April 5 Antique Rose Star
                       Workshop April 6 TBD

June 18-20  SW Florida Quilters Guild, Fort Myers Beach, FL
                        Lecture June 18, evening, Time Management for Quilters
                        Workshop June 19 and 20 Two-For-One

October 11-12 Heritage Quilters of Huntsville, Fanfare 2019 Quilt Show

October 23-November 4 Working International Quilt Market and Festival, Houston
                           Sapphire Celebration

November 20-23  Faithful Circle Quilters, Downer's Grove, IL
                          Lecture November 20, 7 p.m. TBD
                          Workshop November 21 TBD


March 11-15  Our Joyful Journey First Retreat, Red Rooster Retreat Center, Cullman, AL
                       More information available soon

June 10-11   Orange Grove Quilters, Anahein, CA
                     Lecture June 10 9:30 a.m.  TBD
                     Workshop June 11  TBD

June 11-12   Beach Cities Quilters Guild, Mission Viejo, CA
                     Lecture June 11  evening TBD
                     Workshop June 12 TBD

October 21-November 2 Working International Quilt Market and Festival, Houston

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