Color and Quiltmaking:  Don’t be Afraid!  Most quilters struggle with color, learn how to make it easier.

How to Make an Award-Winning Quilt:  the 5 Things You Need to Know (this is a big picture lecture, not how to put on a neat binding or those kind of details)

Ruby Jubilee:  A Retrospective of 40 Years of International Quilt Festival, Houston  (this includes a lot of information on my Red and White--By the Numbers Quilt and how it came to be selected as the Commemorative Quilt for the Ruby Jubilee 40th Anniversary show)

The Hard Stuff   Mariner’s Compass, Double Wedding Ring, Feathered Stars, learn how to tackle these challenging designs.  Lots of photos of antique and contemporary quilts.  Step-by-Step photos of Feathered Star construction.

HOUSTON!  Learn an Insider’s Tips for a trip to the US largest quilt show.  It’s NOT Paducah!  All the things you need to know.  I’ve been told by those who made their first trip before hearing this lecture, that they wish they had heard it first. 

A Quilter's Last Will and Testament: AKA--Your Kids Don't Want Your Stuff!
We know we need to "get our affairs in order" when it comes to medical and financial issues. What about your STUFF? Machines, fabric, books, patterns, notions and supplies! Not to mention all your finished quilts and those still in progress. Get 10 Tips for helping your family "release your stuff" when the time comes. 

Time Management for Quilters:  We all have the same 24 hours each day.  Learn many tips to utilize your available time to get quilting things done.  Rethink your sewing space, storage and files to make the most of the time you have.  BY FAR, the most popular lecture I present.