Thursday, July 18, 2013

Call Me Crazy--Kitten Time!

After 10 years without a cat, I caved and went to a kitten adoption fair last Saturday.  My husband insisted we "needed" two so they could have a friend so we selected 2 sweet fur babies.  They came home yesterday, about 11 weeks old and so sweet. 

Here's Patches: 
She's still shy and a little skittish--I never know where she is hiding.  And she is not making friends very well yet.  But she purrs when she lets me hold her and she seems to be getting the lay of the land.
Here's Stitches:
Isn't he sweet?  He loves to pose for the camera so I have lots of shots of him.  He is very playful and you can hear him purring from across the room.  He thinks Patches wants to play--so why is she hissing at him all the time? 

Even though we prepared by buying all the stuff you need for cats, within minutes of being home I realized they needed collars with bells on them--so I can find them.  They are fast little kitties and I have to be careful I don't get tripped up. 

Today they'll be introduced to the studio as I have to get a small quilt done today--guild meeting tonight.  We're keeping some doors shut so we can keep an eye on them and they won't ever be left alone in the studio--there are just too many attractive dangers in there for them. 

Let's quilt--assuming the fur  babies will let me!



  1. Congrats to the new family members. Sure they will settle in nicely.

  2. Nothing better for a laugh than watching two kittens! I hope they get to where they play together - it will make for double the laughs!