Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Is MY Week!

If you have the 2012 AQS Engagement calendar, this is my week.  Joyful Journey, the first quilt I ever entered in an AQS show, was accepted for the 2010 show and was then selected to be featured in an upcoming calendar.  Because it's purple I thought it might be in the April timeframe, my anniversary is April 10, and April 15 is a special day for me.  Or maybe Easter.  NO--it appears this week so I guess I'm celebrating Ground Hog's Day! 

The pattern is by Susan Garman, Washington's Medallion, and is a block of the month pattern.  The spectacular quilting is by Pamela Dransfeldt, the Joyful Quilter--I found her on Facebook and we were  a perfect match.  I actually pieced a second one of these, in blue batiks, for Pam--we're collaborators.  Here is her quilt, it's called Joyful Journey Too:
Pam lives in California so we meet up each year at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach.  Here is a shot of the two of us, last year, when I got to see the quilting and crystals she put on hers:
I have an extra copy of this calendar so when we reach 100 followers there will be a giveaway.  Sign up as a follower, either by email or with Google by using the link above.  And tell your friends.  I'd hate for it to be December before we reach 100 followers!

Let's Quilt!



  1. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt. And I *so* love purple! (The blue one is pretty, too.) Oddly enough, I also love Groundhog's day ... perhaps that's prophetic! :)

  2. Both of the quilts are gorgeous!!

  3. What A Wonder Way To Celebrate Groundhogs Day!! The quilts are Fantastic!

  4. I found Pam on FB too & enjoy watching her work. Your quilt is super!