Monday, May 7, 2012

Doll Quilts and Baby Fish

I'm really getting into these doll quilts for the 2012 Doll Quilt Swap.  Using half-square triangle units I got in an international swap a couple years ago, I'm coming up with different layouts of the 2" HST unit.  Here is May:
The binding is almost finished then it can be shipped to Wisconsin. 

Then I started laying out a few more--here are June and July:
June is made with 2" four-patches--I have hundreds of these since they are my go-to leader/ender projects.  There are 2 baskets full of 1.5" squares, a light group and a dark group, and I use them to feed chain piecing through the machine--in no time at all there are many of these babies! 

August is laid out and will be pieced later this week. 

Working around the pond Saturday I saw the first goldfish babies of the year!  There were 2, one black and one orange/white with a black tip on its' tail.  They move very quickly and stay down in the plants for protection.  This morning I saw the orange one again--you've got to look hard because they really go by in a flash!  We're getting close to fish capacity so I need to find someone who wants a few common goldfish. 

My next project is getting our guild raffle quilt ready--here is the center:
The pattern is Washington Medallion by Sue Garman and has lots more piecing to go!  I have 3 helpers who will assist with the 28 blocks and hundreds of pinwheels still needed.  Would you like to win this?

Take a look at Patchwork Times to see what others have been up to. 

Let's quilt!


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  1. WOW! I can already see I'll need to buy a handful of raffle tickets for this one!! You are way ahead on your swap quilts! I'm just finalizing the details *in my mind* for the May swap! LOL! :)