Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here's to the Red, White and Blue

As a former Marine, I just love the 4th of July, when I'm likely to hear great military bands playing wonderful patriotic music.  Sure enough, the Air Force Ceremonial Band was featured on the Today show this morning, before they head to Washington to perform as part of the DC festivities tonight. 

The 4th of July holds especially sweet memories for me too--because I first met my husband-to-be on July 4, 1975, in Washington, DC.  It was a blind double date (don't ask how that came about) and I was with the other guy.  A few weeks later Will and I had our first date,  and he asked me to marry him--the first week I said "no", the second week I said "maybe" and the third week I said "yes".  That was a great story until we had teenage kids--then, I told them "Forget you ever heard that story--you need to know someone for YEARS before you can be sure!"    I was 21, going through Office Candidate School, on my way to becoming a Marine Officer--I had NO plans to get married--but sometimes the right thing happens at the right time and we both consider ourselves very lucky--the basis for a great marriage, if you ask me.

Today we will celebrate our nation's birthday, the day we met  and new family memories to be made--we're going to a picnic with our daughter-in-law's family.  In addition to the blackberry cobbler I am bringing, I thought I'd bring a small quilt as a hospitality gift for Lauren's mother.  I saw this cute little quilt the other day on Rogue Quilter.  As luck would have it, while looking for silk fabrics for the border of Tiny Silk Cabins, I found a great baggie full of leftover red, white and blue fabrics.  So, in less than 2 hours this morning I made the 18" quilt shown above.  I finished it with Ricky Tims' fast finishing technique shown on Show 905--no binding!  If you're not a member of The Quilt Show, with Ricky and Alex Anderson, you're really missing great ideas, tips, and so many free patterns and techniques.  No relation, just a totally satisfied customer!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!  Remember, we are the land of the free, thanks to the brave.
Let's quilt!



  1. Great post ... great dating/engagement story!! Happy Independence Day to you, Barbara! :)

  2. What great stories! You are so thoughtful to bring a gift to the hostess. Thank you for your service!

    1. Thanks, it was an honor and privilege to serve.

  3. What a great little patriotic quilt, and quick too. And a wonderful gift for the hostess, whether she is a quilter or not.

    Love your dating story!

    And I love your silk log cabin in the previous post. Luscious!