Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scraps Anyone?

The other day I read a blog by Kathie, Inspired by Antique Quilts, about these grab bags from Homestead Hearth.  Now, I have a sinful amount of fabric in my huge closet but still, who doesn't love going through scrap bags?  Yep, I ordered 5 of them and was thrilled with the bounty in each bag.

Most strips are wider than 3", some as much as 6" wide, a few fat eighths appeared, some squares, some strips, lots to love.   There was such a wide variety in each bag, and they are neatly folder, not squished.  Each bag weighs about a pound.  I received almost no pieces I already own--what  a plus!

Here are a few photos to show the loot, each is the contents of one bag.  You can't tell but most of it is folded once or twice:

I wasn't the only one to be persuaded to add to my stash.  Kathleen Tracy, The Sentimental Quilter, posted to show her grab bags--love those purples!  And when she let Homestead Hearth know she was going to blog about their grab bags, they said that due to recent high demand (!) it would take 7-10 days to fill most orders. 

These are the perfect fabrics for me to use in my Antique Rose star blocks:

I'm hand piecing them and will teach a class on this in the summer--the perfect grab-and-go project! 

It's snowing in Huntsville, Alabama today--yeah!  It won't last long, 40's tomorrow, 50's for the weekend, but it's a great day to be indoors sewing today.

Let's quilt!



  1. That hexagon star block is beautiful!

    1. Thanks--it takes a bit of time to cut and mark the 72 pieces in each block but the hand piecing is my television time project at night.

  2. I only ordered one bag, but wished I could have bought more. I spent my quilting budget and then some already this month. I'm trying to be better, but these bags sure are tempting!
    The is a beautiful block. Looks like it would take more patience than I posses. : )

    1. Thanks, Janet--I've followed you for quite a while--I tried to get the most bang for the shipping buck so I bought 5. Time to go on fabric restriction! Those 5 will last a long time.