Monday, May 6, 2013

Studio Tour

Saturday my guild did a fund-raiser: an open house/studio tour.  The cost was $10 and there were 6 homes/gardens on the tour from noon-4.  Lessons learned:  fewer homes, another hour.  I had about 30 people here, of the 60 who paid to attend.  As the homes were all over the county, it was very difficult to make it to all 6 homes--one car-full did it!  And we had lots of rain the night before and all that morning--so the gardens at each home were not toured. 

I thought you might enjoy photos of my studio--it took some doing to get things looking this neat and tidy.  The closets were a big hit--18' x 9' tall, 4 rows of shelving, 3 lights.  What I really need to do is empty everything out of there and restock--I'm sure there are things in there I've "lost" that I really need to find.  But I'm just not up to that yet.  Here you go: 

It's 21' X 24' and it's all mine. Four sets of fluorescent lights, 2 sets of floor outlets for the sewing machine and iron station.  South and West facing windows--lots of natural light. 

Stuff accumulates to fill the space available--I really do need to empty those closets.  Several guests offered to come "shopping" when I do it.  The last time I had a sale for guild members  I was happy with the results and the shoppers were happy with their purchases.  Might have to have another sale later this year. 

Glad you could stop by--come back any time!

Let's Quilt!



  1. Wow, your studio is amazing! You are so lucky to have that much space. It looks like every quilter's dream.

  2. Your beautiful space makes it easy to see how you are inspired to make those beautiful quilts....wish we were neighbors.

  3. I hate I missed your house, Barbara. You are right, more time less houses. I only made it to three. It was a wonderful tour and I hope we have another opportunity to see your wonderful studio. I need to organize, organize, organize after seeing the ones I made it to.

  4. Drooling all over myself with envy!

  5. I love the wooden shelves and paint color. Envy the fabric.

  6. You have a beautiful space ... I hate I missed your house, too -- but I was comforted that I'd seen your cool room in the not too distant past! :)

  7. Hi Barb, your space is truly wonderful. You must find it hard to leave it and re-enter the outside world. Enjoy and keep creating