Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Projects--Charge!

It's that time of year when I get going on all the projects I want/need to finish.  With our guild bi-annual show in October 2013 I have several things to work on.

None of these will make it in this year's show but I'm trying to get them further along.  Here's the design wall:

A small part of Ruffled Roses, BOM 2011 The Quilt Show

Antique Rose Star--mostly hand pieced--quite a few more to go.
Grandmother's Choice, row 6, I'm keeping up--only 9 more blocks to go

I'm teaching a few classes this summer and working on Fall class schedules and samples.  There's garden work to do--red raspberries are coming in now and a good crop of blackberries will start ripening in the next few weeks.  I've got 4 tomato plants--perhaps we'll plant more vegetables next year--there's room for it.  Mostly, it's keeping the yard mowed and weeding, weeding, weeding.  And moving things that have gotten too crowded.
I still have to put the binding on the red and white quilt and figure out the rest of my show entries.  I'm also hand quilting an old-timey looking nine-patch, using Big Stitch with perle cotton--fun and fast! 
The great news I received recently is the Special Exhibit, Traditional Treasures 2013, that will debut at International Quilt Festival in Chicago this month, will move to Houston--SO, I will get to see my two quilts hanging at Fall Festival there in October.  I'm very happy about that. 
That's it for now--let's quilt!



  1. Do you have pictures of the two quilts that will hang at Quilt Festival? I know you have to be so proud!
    Jane Hillis

    1. Jane, my two traditional quilts are posted here:

      It's the March 18, 2013 blog. They are queen size and hand quilted--the applique' is all by hand too.

  2. You have some great projects....I love the rose star...lovely

  3. I'm in love with your colorful basket blocks! Can you tell me how big each block is? How many will you be putting together for your quilt?

    1. Cyndi, the baskets are 6" finished, that's a 1" finished unit, mostly Half Square triangles and squares. The quilt is Ruffled Roses designed by Sue Garman for

    2. You can also see my center here:

      It's the July 22, 2012 blog and I show a tutorial of how I do turned edge machine applique'.