Monday, August 12, 2013

Grandmother's Choice--Fini!

I managed to get my Grandmother's Choice top finished this week:
Grandmother's Choice, 74" x 74"

This is a block of the week created by Barbara Brackman, quilt historian extraordinaire, to tell the story of the fight for voting rights for women, in this country and England and Canada.  The patterns are still available here:  Grandmother's Choice.  Each week for 49 weeks there was a block pattern and a history lesson--very interesting and educational.  The colors I chose were the colors used by the English Suffragist movement--purple and green, right up my alley.

Don't know what I'll do with this top--let it rest for a while, I suppose.  Another project I can mark "done".  Yes, I'm a "topper" sometimes, more than a "quilter". 

Thought you might enjoy seeing an antique top I bought at Long Beach from Cindy Rennels.  It is not in perfect shape but is a great collection of old fabrics and the price was right.  I love how the maker add those much smaller squares on the right side.  I'll just protect this one and use it to study the old fabrics.  I might even replicate it because that's the best way to honor the maker:  "anonymous" was a woman.

And here's a new project I started, easy hand work I can take with me when traveling or work on at night while listening to TV--if I can keep the kittens from helping:

They are just stuck up on the design wall--as I get more done, I'll start sewing them together.  The blocks are 6" square.

Patches and Stitches--always in constant motion, unless they're asleep!

Check out Judy L's Design Wall Monday blog to see what others are doing.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Barbara, your GC quilt is gorgeous!!! Great job, my friend! I hope to have mine finished ... ummm ... before *next* August. LOL! :)

  2. Your GC is wonderful. Folks, take the time to click on the picture to enlarge it -- you can see the colors and the block designs so well. Nice new project...

    1. Thanks, Bonnie, for your kind words.

  3. I didn't do the GC, but I see a few being finished here in Blogland. Looking great on your Design wall Monday. I'm a topper too. The quilt will yell when it's ready to be finished.

  4. Gorgeous quilts your working on. I have to say I am a few tops ahead of my quilting (about 6) but I am going to "catch up" soon. I think. Ha. Wonderful quilt and I love the history with each block too.