Monday, September 16, 2013

New Little Quilt

Last week, when I should have been doing other things,  I used 2 of those little 2.5" quilters' candy square packs and made this little quilt for a friend:

It's titled "9" x 9", and is 18.5" square.  The fabrics are Le Belle Fleur by French General for Moda.  It's just a simple little wallhanging/table throw but I think she will like it--despite its' imperfections.  And it was done in one day.  Sometimes I just have to create something start to finish.

Now I'm working on two garments for Houston.  The first, a tabard vest, is almost done and the second, a jacket, gets underway today.  Also, still binding the X Block Swap quilt, with kitten help so it takes longer. 

Also today, I'll make all the quilt labels I need to get made and sew them on the quilts.  The show quilts need labels and I try to make permanent labels for all my quilts--since I won't live forever. 

Check out Judy L's blog to see what other quilters are doing. 

Let's quilt!


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