Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rubies are a Girl's Best Friend

This is the 40th anniversary of International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX--that's the Ruby year.  To celebrate, they are having a special exhibit of Red and White quilts, both contemporary and vintage/antique.  I submitted my Red and White--By the Numbers and am so pleased to announce:
They liked it, they really, really liked it.
In fact, they liked it so much, it will be the featured quilt for Houston 2014.  That means:  it will be in all the print advertising, on the catalog cover, on the cover of the show book, the Quintessential Quilter, AND, drum roll please, the show TOTE BAG!   Oh, yes, I'm over the moon with excitement and so pleased so many people will get to see this quilt in Houston.  About 60,000 make the trip each year. 
A lot of credit goes to the pattern designers, Gay Bomers and Brenda Papadakis, for their JustTakes2 patterns, still available here.  This quilt was designed as a tribute to the Infinite Variety special exhibit held in New York City in March 2011, where more than 700 red and white quilts were on display.  I'm sure that, like most quilters who saw this exhibit, they said "I want to make that one".  "No, I want to make that one". "No, wait, I want to make that one".  So why not do a quilt with lots of patterns?  And they did and I did and here you have it. 
My best decision:  sending this quilt to Pam Dransfedt, The Joyful Quilter for quilting.  I found her on Facebook a few years ago and so admired the magic she can make with her longarm machine.  Here are a few closeups Pam posted of the work she did on this quilt: 

I kept track:  I used 59 different fabrics and there are 2770 pieces, including that crazy set of pieced borders I designed.  I've seen photos of 2 other of these quilts completed and I'm not surprised the makers added a red border to the outside and called it done.  Not me, I had to make it really, really hard. 
So, if you're in Houston this year, stop by to see the quilt--it is a fitting tribute to the amazing company of Quilts, Inc. who provide such wonderful shows for so many quilters and vendors every year.  The quilt world is a better place because of them and I'm so happy to be a small part of this year's celebration!
Let's quilt!


  1. And to think i sat next to you in high school!! From one (who knew then?) quilter to another: CONGRATULATIONS! xo

  2. I am SO HAPPY for you with this exciting news! As we speak I am frantically trying to get my red and white quilt finished in time for the deadline at the end of May so our quilts can hang out together! Back to the machine....

  3. Congratulations! We're as excited as you are! See you in Houston!

  4. I saw this as the Joyful Quilter was posting pics, during the quilting, on FB.
    She does great work! Congrats!!! What an honor!

  5. Congratulations - your quilt is beautiful!! How exciting for you. I am halfway through my version - you inspire me to carry on!

  6. Congratulations! that is quite an honor.
    You did a lovely job and you are right the quilting is amazing and makes all your work just come to life. I wonder how many of these quilts will be made....I hope to finish mine this year too!

    Happy Sewing,

  7. Congratulations, Barbara!!! Well deserved - your quilt is beautiful!

  8. I'm a little confused, a normal state of mind for me. Is there a pattern
    available? It is just lovely and I love red and white quite more than
    any others.

  9. Replies
    1. Click on the link above that says "still available here". The complete pattern set is listed at the bottom, $72.00

  10. WOOOHOOOOHOOOO! We all get to share in it glad I'll be at festival to see YOU, the quilt, AND get it on my bag!

  11. Look forward to seeing this in person. Congratulations!!!

  12. Congratulations, Barbara, this is such awesome news!!! :)

  13. Wow - your quilt is fabulous! Congratulation on all the quilt Show honor - and so well deserved!