Sunday, June 29, 2014

Studio Overhaul

My best buddies came over today to help me rearrange and organize my closets, all 24 feet of them.  It was a daunting task but they were up to it, keeping me on task and hard at the purge vs. save decisions I had to make. 


AFTER--much more organized
Keep in mind, there are two more sets of closet doors but I didn't take before shots of those.  They are also much more organized.  I found fabrics and projects I've been missing for years.  Many times they heard me say "I wondered where that was!"  It was a terrific project, one they insisted I needed when we went to Paducah in April.  They didn't call it an "intervention" but it clearly was.  I need to use all this wonderful fabric I've already bought rather than keep buying more to bring home so it can stay huddled up in the closet with its' friends.  I have some really GREAT stuff here!

My guild will benefit as I will hold a private sale for them in early August.  I've done this twice before and they have loved it--great prices for them and I get rid of some of this excess.  The guest bed is piled high with the cast-offs.  What doesn't sell gets donated to our guild challenge in October.  If I have time I plan to tackle the 400+ books I've accumulated, some I haven't opened in 10 years--guess I don't really need  those titles.

There is still more work to do.  A bunch of "fabric groupings" I thought I would one day make into a quilt need to be "deconstructed"--broken up so the fabrics can be returned to the closet with like colors.  As it is, I have at least 15 "project" bags with ongoing quilts that I really want to finish.  

It was fun and tiring and I'm glad this part is over.  Tomorrow we "retreat" together for sewing, basting, fun and fellowship.  Quilting friends are the best!

Here are some more of the string swap blocks I've completed.  The last 2 will be done tomorrow so I can move on to other things:
Jane--bright, scrappy, my favorite colors
Katherine--Halloween, no Halloween fabrics
Mary--totally scrappy

Debbie--bright, scrappy

I hope you have a set of friends who help you and know what you need before you do.  Let's Quilt!



  1. This is exactly what I did for several months before Jo Packham came to photograph for "Where Women Create", but I did it all on my own. What a great feeling to have every single closet and space ready for company. I love working in my studio spaces now. Keep at it, Barbara.

    1. Bet it's not near as much fun alone. I got started earlier in the week and almost just shut the doors and gave up. There is a good bit yet to do but it's all small stuff, that I can do over time.

  2. Your closet looks so nice & organized ! What great friends to help you !

  3. I need to do the same thing for my whole quilt room! You are a brave woman!! I wish I had only 15 project bags.....I have about a zillion projects started and not finished. I need to give away more of those!!