Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stars In a Time Warp

I am having fun with these Stars, from Barbara Brackman's terrific Blog.  She is at week 9 already, using a different color/style of fabric each week.  It's very educational and fun!

This week is Chrome Yellow

I am making 2 blocks per week

It is less than 2 weeks until Chicago so I am concentrating on getting my kits ready for Make It University and my demo samples prepared for Open Studio.    Almost set with all that.

Our guild does a great quilt show every two years and I'm co-chair of that so we are really ramping up for all that needs to be done, even though the show isn't until October.  We will have one more face-to-face meeting with our committee in May--there was only one date we could make work before late in the summer and that just won't work.  We have wonderful people working with us--ours is a show not to be missed, if you are anywhere near North Alabama.

It's weird--for 34 years I worked for H&R Block and doing my own tax return, along with those of my kids, was just something that got done at work.  This year, I have to make time to do it at home!  Time is flying by, I'll be in Chicago for a week later these month, so I'd better get busy on ours and one son's.  The other son I managed to get done last week.  A word of warning about tax software:  if you say "yes" when you should have said "no", you'll get the wrong answer.  Several times I said "I sure am glad I know what the right answer is supposed to be" because I was not answering those odd questions correctly.  It took more than a few attempts to get that return correct. 

I found out recently I will have 3 quilts on display in Chicago at the Spring International Quilt Festival:  Red and White--By the Numbers, My Joyful Journey, and A-Round with My Friends--the same 3 that were in Houston, 2014.  If you're at the show, come say hello, I'll be in the Education office or working on the show floor.  Here is all the info you need for Chicago:

Let's Quilt!



  1. Love your Starsin a Time Warp stars. I too have joined the fun and find it very educational. Have a great time in Chicago!! Now.. I have to go make my stars for this week! :-)

  2. Your stars are terrific! So fun to be getting ready for quilt market. I'm sure you'll be happy to get your taxes completed and done with!

  3. The stars are quite fun! Congrats on the quilts in the Chicago festival!! :)