Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Design Wall Occupied

There's always something on my design wall but this latest project may be stuck up there for a while. 

First, I finished the next 3 projects I'll be teaching for the Simple What Nots Club:

To teach this collection I decided I didn't have to make the entire small quilt each month.  This was a big time saver.  I make one or two of the blocks and usually make a larger version as well.  I am able to give tips on the process but also give options for how to enlarge the block or make them differently from the pattern instructions.  There is more than one way to do most anything and I like to give students options so they can find the method that suits them best.  That's why there is chocolate AND vanilla.  For perspective, those little Monkey Wrench blocks are each 3" finished. 

Next, I got the latest Stars in a Time Warp done--this week it's Paisley and I had no trouble finding repro paisleys in my stash:

The design wall is covered up with all the parts from the Simple What Nots Club Collection 2 and a larger piece from Collection 1.  My plan is to join them all into one larger quilt.  It will take some effort and planning (that means math) but that's the part I love.  Here are the parts just thrown on the wall--there will be rearranging and lots of piecing to get it all together.  With the first collection, I finished most of the quilts but don't need many more of these little quilts so this is my plan to use these parts up:

At night I am hand quilting my Antique Rose Star quilt so I can enter it in our quilt show in October.  This one is getting Big Stitch, using Perle Cotton size 8.  Slow and steady will get it done. 

There are more projects ongoing but you get the idea.  Once the Simple What Nots club is done I'll have more time to work on a few special projects.

Let's quilt!



  1. I like the idea of joining all into one quilt- very interesting.

  2. I like what's on your design wall!

  3. Your design wall looks very intriguing. How fun to pull all of those "Whatnot" pieces together to make one large quilt.