Friday, October 16, 2015

Post Quilt Show/Pre-Houston Sewing Frenzy

The guild quilt show is over and most members are happy with it.  I've spent most of this week working on the budget, writing reports, preparing newsletter articles and other show-related stuff.

Today was a "don't leave the house" kind of day and I finished my 3rd Houston garment.  We are given fabrics, select our choice of pattern, and wear specific garments on specific days.  This really helps with packing and makes us somewhat recognizable as staff.  Here are mine:

Vintage Made Modern by Amy Barickman for RJR, pattern is Gathered Back Tunic by Indygo Junction

Zen Chic by Brigitte Heitland for Moda, pattern is Contemporary Kimono by Indygo Junction

Shimmer Wheel by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman, Contemporary Kimono by Indygo Junction--making a garment with 2.5" strips of fabric was more of a challenge than I anticipated
I head to Houston next week for 13 days and now that the garments are done, I can start packing.  I do a list of what I'm wearing each day--the garments are assigned so I just have to figure what blouse and slacks will go with each.  Everything I take has to do triple duty, and I don't want to forget something important. 

For fun, I made Lori DeJarnette's latest quilt-a-long, Country Roads Mystery.  Find it here.

This may just be the first real quilt I quilt on my Bernina Q20.  The center squares and perimeter triangles will be forgiving of my designs and I want to try Ruler work on the pieced blocks.  Probably after Houston...

I'm still keeping up with Stars in a Time Warp.  The Claret Red and Cadet Blue are weeks 39 and 40.  We're getting toward the end of this year-long project and I'll have to decide what to do with my stack of blocks--I made 2 each week except when I loved them, then I made 3.  I think I have 82 six-inch blocks currently.  Barbara Brackman has also provided layout ideas and I've seen some I really like, just  have to decide.  She gives so much historical information about the use of the various colors and fabric styles, it's worth a look even if you don't want to make any blocks.  Stars In a Time Warp.

There's more to do before I take off for Texas next week, house stuff, yard stuff, packing stuff, teaching, and cutting some more handwork for "down" time, not that there is very much of that.  Houston is the highlight of my year and I am getting excited already. I'm also taking 2 free motion quilting classes so have to remember to pack the required supplies for those.   I'll post when I can so stay tuned.

While I'm gone, my beautiful grand-girl, Stella, will come to town, with her folks--she is being baptized.  I'll miss her but her granddaddy hopes to get lots of time with her.  We miss her so.  She's four and half months old now, and scrumptious!

Let's Quilt! 



  1. Though I used to make my own clothes, I would be stressed to have to sew clothes while trying to get ready to go to Houston. You have done very well!
    Nice job on Lori's little SAL. I'll be interested to see what you do with the ruler work.
    What a little sweetie! Have a granddaughter about that age that lives across the country. So hard to not have them near!

  2. What fun to make and WEAR the cool clothes! Have a blast at quilt market!

    1. Wish you were going to be there--enjoy your trip to Bolivia!

  3. Don't leave the house days are just the best! Am currently working on a red star quilt and it seems to be taking me forever!

  4. I loved seeing your Country Roads quilt over at Lori's Linky Party. I've done something similiar with different fabrics for the center squares and the outer triangles. Enjoyed reading many of your previous posts. You do fantastic work!

  5. The kimonos are all gorgeous. Your Country Roads quilt is also pretty. I participated and made one. You really are an excellent quilter :)

  6. Wow! Thirteen days at Market/Quilt Show...lucky YOU! And you are working? I know that will be exhausting...I remember that place as huge and having a hard concrete floor, LOL! I just took time out from boxes and scorpions to find your beautiful blog...I will be back! Just glancing, I saw beautiful quilts and a fascinating piece of quilty equipment coming off a huge truck...hmmm, I need to find out about THAT! My cat bite finger has not tried hand quilting since the surgery, and this tiger may have to change her quilting stripes in the future. Have a great time...I may make it to Houston yet, we'll see!

  7. Your version of Country Roads is lovely. I like the two cheddar fabrics - the lighter one in the center really makes the entire quilt glow.