Monday, March 13, 2017

New Finish, New Start

It's great having a professional photographer for a son.  Last Wednesday on the way to visit our granddaughter, Stella, in St. Louis, I dropped off 3 quilts for Joshua Black Wilkins to photograph. Yesterday on the way home, I stopped to pick them up.  He did a great job on two very recent finishes and one I finished in 2015 but didn't have good images of:

Rajah Revisited, 65" square
Stars in a Time Warp, 96" square
Antique Rose Star, 74" square, hand quilted with Big Stitch, perle #8

It is good to have these done.  There are several tops I need to quilt myself and I'll be back at that later this week.  And now I have a new start:

I love the Jen Kingwell style and found this new Block of the month on the Homestead Hearth website. I ordered the book and the kit in "Jen Kingwell" colors/styles.  I was lucky to stumble across a Sew-a-Long that is just starting with this pattern:  Gnome Angel. It starts this week and will be at a fast pace, but I like that--the faster it goes, the more I am engaged in the process and eager to keep up.  The downside is the kits only come once a month, this quilt will be done by mid-July, so I'll be using my own fabric for this one and making one, more slowly, over the year as the kits come in.  

Of course, there is the Halo Medallion from The Quilt Show to keep up with.  My small group is enjoying the process, here are some of them with their work so far:

Keeping up and writing a detailed blog each month takes time but keeps me on track and I know the blogs are helping people out there--some are kind enough to let me know.  Next up are those curved flying geese and I'm able to say, they can be done!  I have one so far to prove it.

Here is the reason we went to St. Louis, our adorable grand-girl, Stella, 21 months old:

At the park across the street from her house

Watching Wheel of Fortune with Pop Pop

Give a waffle, get a smile

She was happy with us most of the time, especially if a waffle appeared as soon as she woke up.  There is a reason to have children when young--she is on "Go" all the time.  We had to really keep watch when outside.  

The weather was great until it snowed and we had fun until Lauren, my DIL, and I got food poisoning from a salad we shared Friday night.  We had planned to leave Saturday morning but I couldn't get out of the hotel bed that whole day except to run to the bathroom.  Finally was able to eat some soup Saturday night and was able to travel Sunday.  By then all snow was gone and it was a pleasant day. Still not 100% but I'm getting there.  It's been a long time since I've been sick, hope that never happens again.

I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are, parts of the US are going to get a big snowstorm tomorrow--sounds like quilting time to me.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Your finished quilt photos are just awesome and I am so sorry that you contracted food poisoning and had such a debilitating time. Glad you are on the mend. I look forward to seeing those curved geese!

  2. Beautiful quilts!
    And a sweet little smiling face.
    I agree with you about having kids while young. I think all kids these days are programmed on "High"! : )

  3. Little Miss Stella is sure a cutie! Your quilts are terrific as usual!

  4. Beautiful quilts! Second only to that adorable Stella! I'm here in the St. Louis area too. Next time you pass through, we should meet up. My husband thinks he needs to retire to the Huntsville AL area so maybe I could pick your brains on this idea of his!

  5. Susie, I will be in St. Louis May 16-22 for Spring Market, I'll be working there. Let me know if you want to meet.

  6. Stella is so adorable! Does she know that the snowstorm was named after her?? How nice to have a son that is a professional photographer...that is definitely the worst part about being a quilter!