Sunday, April 23, 2017

Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone is a Jen Kingwell pattern I saw in Houston 2016 and liked. I found a Block of the Month on Homestead Hearth and ordered it, receiving fabrics each month over the course of a year--that started in February. Then I found a blog working on it, one block a week, Gnome Angel and decided to use my own fabrics for the first one. This top will be finished in July. Here is what I have so far:

The sashing between these sets of blocks might be gray, or lavender, or something else entirely. Still on the hunt for the perfect background color.

Yesterday I received my swap quilt from Lori's 4th annual doll quilt swap :

This came to me from Jan H, in Markesan, WI. She hand quilted it, very lovely.

Here  is the one I sent to Danice, only about 75 miles west of me:

I finished a small  quilt the other day, part of the samples for my "Work Faster, Not Harder" class:

My free-motion feathers are getting better, practice makes perfect, so they say. I would forget the direction I was going so some of the feathers are not headed in the "right" direction but some baby doll won't care.  The X blocks are 3" small, the instructions can be found on my Tutorial, here.

Our guild program the other night was about "creative backs". Years ago I made a back that took almost as long to make as the front did, but I was determined to use up as much of the fabrics/parts from the front as I could, to NOT put anything away in the closet. I really like this back but didn't have a photo of it. So here is the Front of Purple Plus!:

And here is the Back:

And, wonder of wonders, Delta fixed my suitcase, this came home the other day:

They ordered a replacement pocket and fixed it--no more rip. Who knew they could do that?! It's ready for its' next trip in just a few weeks, to Spring Market in St. Louis, home of my grand-girl, Stella:


I am eager to do  more ruler work quilting on the Ohio Stars quilt. I got lots of great information in classes in Chicago. Stay tuned,..,

Let's Quilt!



  1. Hello Barbara. Pretty quilts, as always. Thank you for posting the quilt you made for me. I have already posted about it also :)

  2. A loaded post, to be sure!
    Wow, the Jen Kingwell quilt is going to be amazing! If I were to try to do one of those blocks each week--well, I just know they wouldn't happen. Look at you go!
    The little swap quilt you sent is gorgeous in the pink and brown colorway. Such a classic.
    Your X-block quilt is incredible! Not like I need another mini to make, but that is so great!
    Purple Plus is a beautiful quilt, and the back could pass as a very modern design.
    Who knew luggage pockets could be purchased and replaced?
    You have the best of reasons to look forward to St. Louis!! : )

    1. After a closer look, they added a piece of "leatherette" across the pocket where the rip is so the rip is now covered but it looks just fine.

  3. The small quilt you received in the quilt swap appears nicely made but it doesn't look like an antique doll quilt. I would have found that a little disappointing.

    1. With a swap, you get what you get. Sometimes I am thrilled, sometimes not. I always give away a quilt I'd be happy to receive. This one is fine. It goes on the pile of small quilts in a baby bassinet.

  4. The doll quilts are so cute. Your piecing is always amazing! Glad the suitcase could be repaired. Have loads of fun with Miss Stella!