Sunday, May 28, 2017

International Quilt Market Spring 2017 St. Louis, MO

I love Market and Spring Market especially. Because there is no Festival right behind it like at Fall Market in Houston, we don't have extremely late nights and we get to see the Market quite a bit.

A very added bonus for me is that my grand-girl, Stella, lives in St. Louis, and I would get to see her and show her off a bit. We spent 2 hours together Saturday morning and had a great lunch at Sugarfire BBQ, just up the street from the Convention Center. She was unhappy when I sent Mommy and Daddy in to Market to look around, but really "on" when they came back out:

Things I noticed:  LOTS of Blue and White quilts and fabrics. 2019 is the Sapphire Celebration of International Quilt Festival in Houston and a Blue and White Exhibit has been announced: see here.
I fell in love with this quilt and have already got plans to teach it locally this Fall:

Spellbound from Calico Carriage Designs
Detail of quilting designs
It uses two jelly rolls for Shibori II from MODA and 3 yards of white. What a great quilt to practice free motion machine quilting!

More Blue and White:

Laundry Basket Quilts Edyta Sitar

Carolyn Forster in Schoolhouse talking about handwork
Calico Carriage booth
Other things I noticed:  lots of bright fabrics, children's clothing samples, handwork, and still some "primitive" and "country" feeling lines. Wool is popular for handwork. Embroidery is strong. Whatever brings new and younger quilters/sewers into the industry is fine with me. My daughter-in-law was surprised at what she saw, not the quilts she knows that I make. She was smart enough to take photos and send them to me--now I can get busy on special request projects.

Here is my loot, er, stash, er, inventory additions:

Most important of all for me, is seeing some of my favorite people, faculty, show staff, vendors. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just good folks you should know:

Julia Kelly-Hodenius of Pique

Catherine Redford

Cindy Rennels of Cindy's Antique Quilts

A few of the Quilts Inc.Show staff: Deann, Debra, Terri, Becky

Charlotte Angotti

Jen Kingwell and me
Kay Roberts of Franklin Quilt Company

Alex Anderson and Friend
Last, but absolutely not least, the Education Team that I am honored to be a part of, at our farewell dinner. Did I mention we ate really well at this venue:

Marcia Barker, me, Vicki Thomas, Meg Zimmerman, Barb Cline and Jill Benge, at the Bridge.

There you have it, a taste of Spring Market 2017. I could add many more photos. Instead, I recommend you go to Instagram and search for #missingmarket and #quiltmarket. You can spend hours seeing so many booths, projects and people. Enjoy!

Let's Quilt!



  1. Were you there on Sunday? I was working Quilt Market since I live in the St. Louis area. Wish I could have met you personally! But I did get a brief chance to look around inside and also noticed quite a bit of blue & white too!

    1. I arrived Tuesday and departed the next Monday. Sorry I missed you. I Facebook post on these trips but rarely have time for a blog post until I return. Your city was a great host--everyone I talked to enjoyed their visit!

  2. Looks like a good time, Barbara. I love blue/white quilts, so I look forward to things to come in that combo!

  3. I want to live next door to you and be your BFF, and maybe valet for you on all your quilt trips. What a ton of fun you must have. I have my plane reservations for Houston, and if it's half as good as your pictures make Spring Market look, I'll be satisfied. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! I now know the next Jen Kingwell quilt I need to make!

    1. The house right across the street from me is for sale--I'd love to have a quilter live there, I spend most days alone sewing in my studio. Houston is fabulous--60,000 attend and it's huge. Be sure you have two pair of very comfy shoes!