Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Family Reunion

My husband comes from a large family. Both his parents had 13 brothers and sisters, most of whom survived to adulthood. They married and had children, those children have married and now have children and even some great-grands are coming along.

The Wilkins Siblings at Reunion 1948

The Wilkins Siblings at Reunion in 1967
On the Wilkins side, my husband's father's people, there is still an annual Family Reunion held every July in Cullman, AL. When I joined the family more than 40 years ago, it alternated between there and Henry county, GA, where some of the family still remained. In those days it was a two-day event, with at least 125 in attendance. Stories of the old days were shared and the food just went on and on, country food, all homemade.

As the generations expand, attendance has dwindled. All of my father-in-law's generation  have passed now. It's my husband's first cousins and their kin who survive. Now the event only lasts a couple hours. For many, it's just too far to come for lunch--about 30 were there this year.. But for those of us who get to attend, it's fun to catch up, hear a few old stories, eat good country food, and visit. This time two of our nieces are expecting girls, one in August, one in December so the family goes on. It is good to visit family in joyous times, not just at funerals.

The meat end of the table, pork BBQ and smoked chicken, farther down home grown tomatoes picked that day, squash casserole, hash brown casserole, homemade baked beans, homemade potato salad...

One third of the offerings are dessert--go figure

One first cousin traveled from the country of Georgia, in Eastern Europe, where he lives and works. His wife is expecting their second daughter this Fall, so there are Wilkins around the world.

We ate our fill and had some extra to take home. Our nephew was harvesting fresh corn later that afternoon and gave us some--best corn on the cob we've had in years. And a sister had picked tomatoes from her garden that day, we got a couple of those too. There are advantages to having relatives who live on farms.

It was a good day of family and food. I hope you get to visit your people like this occasionally too.

Then I got back to class samples:

Creative Log Cabin, just a start, using a fabric collection

A scrappy sample, just a start, 8 blocks thrown on the wall
My Halo Star Medallion is almost completely done, one final border to go. Then it's one to another large quilt.  These dog days of Summer are good quilting days.

Let's Quilt!



  1. my daddys family had 15 kids , my mothers 9

  2. I enjoyed the 1948 and 1967 photos and reunions are a much happier environment to "catch up" than funerals are!

  3. I found that an interesting (and sad) statement: "As the generations expand, attendance has dwindled." It seems like we talk about family yet so many can't make time to connect with family or so it seems. Thank goodness for our "quilt families"!!!

  4. That is really wonderful! I wish we had more family to do this with.