Thursday, July 13, 2017

Road to California--Happy Dance!

Even though enrollment just opened about a week ago, some classes are full, including, are you ready?  One of mine:


This show maintains a waiting list so if you missed out, get on the waiting list--if an opening comes up, and things happen like that, you may still get in. It is a great class, fun to make and fun to teach, and I am thrilled so many are already onboard!

You can find all the class schedule info here: Road 2 California 2018 or use the button on the right.

My other two classes still have some openings:

ANTIQUE ROSE STAR BY MACHINE:  this can easily be done by hand as well

Mine at a trunk show

Student work Anna--all by machine

Student work Celia--all by hand

Student work Jodie--all by machine
2-FOR 1: almost too much fun for words.  This is a two-day class and is worth the time.

One of mine, I've made 6 in various sizes

Student work Susan

Student work Joan
I look forward to meeting some of you on the West Coast. We always have a great time in class--my number one goal is that each student learns much more than they expected.

Let's Quilt!


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  1. Congrats on the full class. : )
    I really like the 2-for-1. Each one is stunning!