Sunday, February 25, 2018

Classes, Planning for More, and Hitting the Road

I had a great day with the Long Time Gone Students yesterday. We only have one more class, in March, and our 6 month adventure will be finished. It was amazing to me--they asked me to come up with another class so they can keep coming. This class involves no sewing machines. they just bring their fabrics, the pattern, and paper to take notes--all the sewing is done at home. So I am working on a brand new class, called My Favorite Things, and will offer it as a 2 hour, six month class beginning in June probably--stay tuned.

Here are some shots of their work--our design wall is small so some had taken theirs down  before I could take their photos. Next month I'll have each quilt with its' maker--they have kept up and are really enjoying the project, Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell Designs:

Two students work--the big dark piece on the right is Holly's "placeholder" for 9 pineapple blocks--it is pineapple fabric!

Another beautiful half 

The first half--too bad students are hidden by their work

Marilyn's blocks laid out--her first quilt!!!

I think these beautiful blocks are from Kathy

It will be so fun to see each top finished next month--3 students missed class yesterday so there will be much more to see.

This week I head north to the Illinois Quilters Inc. in the Chicago area. March 1 is a lecture "How to Make an Award-Winning Quilt". Friday March 2 is a workshop "Feathered Stars Precisely Paper Pieced". Saturday March 3 is a workshop "String Stars--Use Those Scraps".  I think there is room still in each workshop for 1 or 2 more.  Friday requires a lot of pre-cutting so we can get this 2 day workshop done in only 1. Pedal to the metal... Saturday requires no prep. just bring a machine to sew, along with basic sewing supplies and cutting tools. More information is on their website.

String Stars--Use Those Scraps

Feathered Stars Precisely Paper Pieced

Two weeks later, March 15, I am the guest speaker at my home guild, Heritage Quilters of Huntsviile. "Time Management for Quilters"--everyone is sure to learn at least one tip for making better use of our "creative" time. We all have 24 hours, it's all about how we use it.

It's also time for me to figure out what classes I'll teach locally for the rest of the year. I teach at 3 local shops, different offerings at each. Finding room on both my calendar and the shops calendars is sometimes a challenge--pre-planning is the key.

Let's Quilt!



  1. I love all the quilts. Great job by everyone. Can't imagine doing that for my First quilt! I am working on her Gypsy Wife so can't even begin to Think about this one! Would love to hear your time management hints; could definitely use an improvement of skills in that area . . .

  2. Your sharing of "Long Time Gone" has brought me so close to ordering the pattern myself, but I keep talking myself back from that ledge. :)
    The string stars and feathered star are all gorgeous. I would be in one of those classes if I was nearby.

    1. Wait until next month when you see the student quilts--they are so good. One used 30's fabrics, not my personal favorite, but her quilt is soft and sweet and so beautiful. They have really benefitted from my experience--this is the second one I've made--it helps to "explain" the pattern a bit.