Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Clear the Clutter

This is the time of year people resolve to diet, exercise, save money, clear the clutter--all the usual things.

My quilting stuff seems to multiple when I'm not looking and my husband saw lots of stuff in the guest room closet when putting Christmas decorations away. In theory, all my "quilt stuff" is supposed to be in my studio BUT... The only quilt stuff in the studio is the stuff I really want right now.

Fortunately, I gave a bunch of stuff away last month to quilters who came to visit--not enough to matter but at least 30 things I no longer had to store.

My guild has a "Free to a Good Home" table and I am bringing stuff to "share":

Hopefully, someone will want these various treasures: books, threads, fabric, Celtic Press bars, etc...

It fills two tote bags and I'm getting rid of three large stacks of magazines too--there is just too much stuff here.

Remember, your kids don't want your stuff. You will be doing them a favor to get rid of some of the stuff you really don't want or need any more.

Now, about those two other closets...

Let's Quilt!



  1. This post made me smile.
    We have to watch my Mom carefully or she will throw out things we DO want. On the other hand--we are still working our way through my MIL's home, trying to dispose of stuff and find good homes for usable items, and she passed over a year ago. She never threw anything out!
    I'll bet guild members are thrilled to take your "cast-offs" home. :)

  2. Lol. I need to apply your strategy to my own closets and two storage buildings....!