Thursday, April 4, 2019

A Few Antiques

While searching in the storage closet for an antique top to take with me on a teaching trip, I came upon one I had forgotten about and two that needed to be photographed.

The most recent purchase is this Flying Geese Strippy quilt top, bought from Cindy Rennels, of Cindy's Antique Quilts.:

She posted photos on Instagram and I bit--the fabrics are quite interesting and I am a fan of Flying Geese quilts. Entirely hand pieced. She sells at all the big shows, and will be at Paducah later this month, check out her booth.

The next is a quilt top I forgot I bought--the tag on it says $10 so I am guessing this String Quilt came from an antique shop. It is also entirely hand pieced, a bit primitive, even humble, but someone put a lot of time into it many years ago:

The backdrop is my Lifetime quilt, still covering the design wall

I enjoy studying all the different fabrics and researching their approximate age.

This third top I bought in 2015 from Julia Hodenius-Kelly of Pique'. She also sells at the big shows and always has interesting quilts, usually quite old and often has wonderful old fabrics which I don't buy buy admire--how did they survive all these years? I believe this one came from Pennsylvania as did I. I began reproducing it and need to get back to it. It, too, is entirely hand pieced:

Several of the fabrics are "patched"

Pretty cool fabrics

On an edge, I think she was running low on fabrics

Far right is the "border"--a half row--perhaps she got tired and just stopped

You never know what you'll find in my closets. Oh, here was the one I was searching for and found:

I have written about this quilt top and its' interesting story before--check it out here.

Let's quilt!



  1. Bonnie Hunter showed a similar antique quilt on her blog some years ago. The background of the geese was cheddar and every other row of the geese ran the opposite way. The long strips were also a green color. The geese were string pieced. I loved it and copied it. In her new book String Frenzy she recreated that quilt but in the long strips she pieced in squares.

  2. So many lovely quilt tops hiding in your closet, Barbara!!

  3. I love seeing these vintage treasures coming out to be displayed. Fun to see which fabrics have been reproduced, and to see ones I wish would be reproduced. :)

    1. Janet, there are many lovelies in these I would like to have yards of--the soft mint green with flowers and loops in the string quilt and the dark brown/neon gold in the Pique quilt for starters. Too many to list

  4. Your sawbuck string quilt looks good with lifetime HSTs on the edge. Very nice quilts you found! Thanks for always sharing with us!