Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Quirky Little Quilt Complete

So sweet, the Quirky Little Quilt Along project is done, about 17" square:

Detail of quilting--I love orange peel quilting, so used a full one in the solid blocks, and a semi-full one in the pieced blocks--this allows me to avoid the center of the pieced blocks. This was done with ruler/template free-motion quilting:

It replaced another Temecula Quilt Company quilt I really like, The 12 Days of Christmas--the first block has 1 fabric, the second has 2 fabrics, the third, 3, etc. The pattern is still available Here. I have made several of these over the years:

I am working on more 3" blocks for a special project for next year, all made from a Charm pack of 5" squares:

My husband is now mostly retired from his civil engineering career so has time to be our full-time gardener. Spring is my favorite time of year at our house and here is my favorite spot, around the goldfish pond, with Spring flowers/shrubs in bloom:

And, as if life wasn't full enough, we will get to love on these babies next week when they are here for a visit. Stella is almost 4 and Sam is 7 months:

Let's quilt!



  1. I loved making Temecula's 12 Days of Christmas too. Lots of fun. My husband recently fully retired from his civil service job and I think he also retired from life at the same time. Spends hours surfing the Internet and watching TV reruns. Ugh! Very depressing, if you ask me. I'd love it if he'd take up some sort of interest ... like your garden! Such a peaceful spot! Enjoy your visit with the grandbabies!

  2. Your Quirky Little Quilt is lovely--I especially like that you used the purple in the setting. The quilting design works nicely.
    I made the 12 Days of Christmas quilt, too.
    I am intrigued by your 3" blocks. A nice assortment--interested to see what you are making.
    Wish DH liked gardening and would take over our yard when he retires. :)
    Love the photo of those two sweet wee ones.