Sunday, September 26, 2021

I Love Texas!

 Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Houston, TX to give a lecture and workshop to the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. Here are some photos of the trip. All four flights, from Huntsville to Atlanta to Houston, in both directions were on time or arrived early. No travel issues at all--that alone makes for a great trip.

I will also mention: almost everyone I saw in  public was wearing a mask. Of course, at the airports, that's required, but also in all the stores and restaurants I entered, many had signs posted masks were required. Many at the meeting also wore masks and I put mine back on after I gave my lecture.

The lovely woman I had been communicating with for almost two years, picked me up right on time and we had traveling mercies: Houston traffic is tough,  it was late afternoon, but we made it from the airport to the hotel in about 35 minutes--that was super! The kind woman at the front desk of the Hilton Westchase recognized my status with Hilton and upgraded my room. This trip is just getting better and better:

My quilt on the bed


Double sinks

The view

The Rio Rancho hotel restaurant was totally about "sense of place"--can you tell we're in Texas?

I highly recommend the Breakfast Tacos--Brisket and Eggs, yum!

The following day there was some touring and shopping then dinner before the evening lecture:

Ready to begin

Slideshow prior to the meeting, with announcements

The next day's workshop

The audience to my left

The audience to my right--some are still  out in the foyer conducting guild business

They had some ZOOMERS watching from home. After I gave the lecture they had show and tell. I was thrilled many brought their Afternoon Delight quilts to show me: 

One of the ZOOMERS sent her Afternoon Delight show and tell for all to see

Love this border, inspired by Sue Garman's pattern Ruffled Roses

Another fantastic border--great way to enlarge this quilt without making even more Double 9 Patches and Applique' blocks

Another beauty

And another beautiful border

THEN: the Color My World quilts came out to impress me: 

These two ladies are happy to be keeping up

This quilter was inspired by Color My World--Mariner's Compass center, circular design all around, but totally her own quilt

One more in the home stretch now

The next day we had such a great workshop I took no photos! The group was small but eager to learn and all got individual attention throughout the day. I have already received a lovely email from one who said she was thrilled with what she learned in class and that her original plan to only make one block as a trivet has now changed to something more useful and beautiful. It is that unexpected note from a happy student that keeps us traveling quilt teachers on the road.

After a lovely early dinner after the workshop, we took the trek back to the airport so the next day would be easier for everyone.  Alas, what should have taken less than an hour, took more like two. Houston traffic at the end of a work day--it is what it is. But I was settled for the night and the rest of the trip, back to home, was uneventful.

One more good meal at one of my favorite places, Pappadeaux at the airport, salad with grilled salmon:

Then I was home. Someone was happy to see me: 


I love teaching quilting just about anywhere but especially in Texas. All my Texas quilter friends--I am ready to come back any time!

Next stop is BACK to Houston in a month for International Quilt Festival. I am very excited to see my Special Exhibit "My Joyful Journey" hanging in the Convention Center. I hope to see many of you there. 

Let's quilt.



  1. I was one of the Zoomers! Thanks for visiting with us all!

  2. Looks like you had a great trip! We are very fortunate to have you right here in Huntsville. Please know that you are very appreciated. I can't wait to go to Houston and see your Special Exhibit!!