Monday, April 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday April 16, 2012

It's the last Monday in tax season--yeah!  By this time Wednesday morning I'll be enjoying peace and quiet in my home, with the whole day in front of me.  I'll pay bills, sort through the clutter of accumulated mail, most of no import, enjoy my garden--the irises are fantastic this year!, and then read a book.  THEN I can QUILT!

And here's what I am eager to work on:

This is the center of the 2011 BOM from, designed by Sue Garman.  I am doing the applique' with a turned edge, machine stitched method, which is labor-intensive to prepare but quick to sew. 

As soon as I finish a few of the "must do's", like class samples and the back for "Peacock Love" so it can go to the quilter, I'll jump back on this one. 

I hope your tax returns are filed so you can quilt!

Go check out Judy's blog so see what other folks are up to.

Happy Monday--Let's quilt!



  1. Taxes.....yuk. I love your block. Great colors.

  2. Taxes will be over quickly and then you'll have a party sewing up a storm!!

  3. This is lovely - I really like the lattice work in the background with it's subtle color changes. I like doing the prepared applique edges too, but I'm a hand worker because then I can do it anywhere.

  4. Looks as though you have made wonderful progress thus far. Lovely center and the fabrics around the edges are bright and cheerful but not distracting from the flowers in the center in any way.

  5. So pretty and I really like it!