Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's On Your Bed?

Bonnie Hunter of has a Linky this week asking "What's on Your Bed?"  So I thought I'd play:

This is a queen-size that I made extra long because I was making a very strong design by the way I turned the blocks--which I received in a group swap.  It is really long on a queen size bed but when we moved up to this king size it fit perfectly, if I turned it sideways.  And see the folded one at the foot of the bed:

This is the Texas braid quilt I started in Bonnie's workshop May 2011.  It's called "Stash Circa 2000"--100 years from now it will be a great collection of late 20th, early 21st fabrics.

Five days of tax season left for me then I can quilt!



  1. very pretty quilts. love the vibrant colors.

  2. And I love the quilt on the wall also! Very vibrant and a great use of colors - well, non-colors!! All of them are gorgeous!

    Susan T.

  3. Love your quilts! Esp. the one on the wall! :)

  4. The Texas Braid quilt is wonderful. I've heard of them, but have never seen one before. I may just have to make one, too. I also love the quilt on the wall ... it's fantastic!