Monday, April 23, 2012

I made a quilt!

OK, so it's a doll quilt but it was the first thing on my "must do" list for post-tax season.

It's on it's way to Idaho today.  The Doll Quilt Swap has over 30 members now and each month from April-December we are matched up with someone and make a doll-size quilt for them.  I am using the half-square triangle units I received in an international swap a couple years ago.  At this point, my plan is to use the same 8 x 8 settting but change up the design--pinwheels, 4 patches, etc.  We'll see how many different designs I can come up with.  This is 21" square.

This week I have to make a back for "Peacock Love" so I can get that to the quilter.  And finish the applique' block for Just Takes 2, then get to work on the next set of blocks.  And I have to use my laces for the Judy Murrah challenge--that's due May 1.  Never a dull moment!

What is your favorite quilt pattern?  Do you use it frequently or only for "special" quilts?

Be sure to check out Design Wall Monday with Judy L  to see what others have been doing.

Let's Quilt!



  1. What a great little quilt. Someone is really going to enjoy it!
    My favorite quilt design is Log Cabin. There are so many ways and variations and color placements.... the possibilities are endless!

  2. Love these small quilts. Your's is great looking.

  3. HSTs are so fun to play with, such versatility in those lovelies - people who are afraid of them are missing out. Lovely doll quilt.

  4. It looks lovely even if it is small!

  5. What a fun project. And it's finished!!

  6. I love HST value quilts! I have one that looks a lot like this :) It looks great!

  7. I love it. HST are always a good choice. The colors are fantastic.

  8. this is adorable! I love all the different settings one can get from the HST