Sunday, July 10, 2016

Q20 Quilting

Rooting around in a dresser drawer the other day I found several small quilt tops along with their batting and backing that were just waiting to be quilted.  I knew about the 8 or so larger ones calling out to me each time I enter that spare bedroom, the one that is a archaeological dig--these were others I'd long forgotten about.  Can you find the bed?:

Just a few of the quilt tops awaiting some attention.  This is the second spare bedroom and when someone actually needs to sleep here it takes a while to remove the many quilts and tops piled up here.  Unless they want to do the "Princess and the Pea" thing.

My Bernina Q20 needs some attention--she's been ignored too long lately.  I recently set a goal for myself to quilt at least one quilt a month until I'm more or less caught up.  The other day I quilted my Challenge quilt for our guild meeting in two weeks--that really doesn't count as it's a new "add" to the pile.  Here are the first two I am tackling, starting today:

An old pattern from a Possibilities book of baby quilts.  This will be fun and easy to meander all over.  The hearts in the borders are just fused in place so I'll be sure to hit them with some stitches as I quilt.

Then there is this pre-printed panel, commonly called "cheater's cloth".  It will be good practice to follow the quilting lines printed on the fabric.  No seams makes these panels good practice pieces for free motion quilting.

I enjoyed teaching yesterday.  In the morning the Smitten class finished up.  The students returned from a 2 week break with blocks done, a few questions, and were very eager to learn how to assemble the quilt--it's more challenging than the usual quilt settings as all the blocks are hexagons and need to be set-in to the blocks beside each other:

Donna's upper left corner, sewn together
Catherine's large stack of blocks

Celia is hand-piecing her blocks--a great option.

The pattern is Smitten by Jen Carson Kingwell and it uses Template Set H from Perfect Patchwork Templates.  My sample was made with hand and machine pieced blocks--the hand piecing being done on the road.  Such a fun quilt--I really enjoyed working with bright fabrics and black and white prints:

This week I also picked some more blackberries from our vines:

And kept up with The Splendid Sampler:
Block 42  Pencils
Off to quilt a baby quilt--Let's Quilt!



  1. How fun to see the pile of newly rediscovered little quilts. Enjoy the process of getting them quilted. : )
    Oh, those blackberries look scrumptious. Ours haven't produced anything yet this year.

  2. Such a sweet baby quilt. What a fun time, finding a small treasure of quilt tops!! Hope you have fun quilting them.