Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Few Finishes and One WOMBATT

I've been quilting some old small quilts and have a few finished:

This is from an old Possibilities book, I made this top probably at least 12 years ago.  The hearts in the border are simply fused so I made sure to get quilting stitches across each heart.  The batting was a very soft cotton.  I'll save this for when I need a baby quilt in a hurry.  Husband has a habit of telling moms-to-be that I'll be happy to make them a quilt.

This was going to be a class sample, again many years ago, and I had done a bit of hand quilting using Perle cotton and big stitches.  Because it was basted and ready to go I got out silk thread and gave that a whirl.  Some of the areas stitched beautifully, some I had tension headaches.  Simple quilting following the lines I had drawn years ago and simply swirls and hearts in the border, which cannot be seen, so no need to do anything fancy there.  Might donate this one to our guild's comfy quilts program.

Then there is the WOMBATT, waste of money, batting, thread and time:

This is a pre-printed panel that has been buried in a drawer for years.  It was basted with polyester batt, and had thin muslin on the back.  I thought it would be good practice to quilt all the lines printed on the quilt and that is what I did.  Machine quilting polyester batt is a struggle and the fabric quality was POOR, very stiff and rough, not smooth like most good quality quilting fabrics are.  The results are a terrible quilt, not fit to donate to any people.  I will donate it to the Humane Society--animals won't care what it looks like.  This shot shows it after washing, which did help to soften the fabric just a bit.  Halfway through I knew it was a waste of time but I pushed on anyway--as a teachable moment of what NOT to do.

Up next, another find in the bottomless drawer.  At least this has cotton batt and quality fabrics:

I taught a private lesson to a student the other day and she brought along the top she finished from another class I taught her.  This is the Strippy Stars pattern from Deb Heatherly using a nifty ruler from Creative Grids.

Holly still has to add the border, a beautiful violet/fuschia print and she'll have a great quilt as a gift.  Good job, Holly!

Still keeping up with the Splendid Sampler and Circa 2016 while planning what is next.  Making quilts keeps me sane during insane times.

Let's quilt!



  1. How good of hubby to volunteer you for quilt making (said tongue in cheek).
    I haven't tried quilting with silk thread. Bought some a couple of months ago, but haven't braved an attempt yet.
    Had to laugh about the WOMBATT. I'll have to remember that term.

  2. Very ambitious, finishing all those old projects. And they all still look nice, (even the wombat looks nice in the picture)

  3. WOMBATT. . .made me come read your blog today. Then when I found out what it was, I had to laugh. I've had a few of those two. Now, if I can just remember this term!--Terry

  4. We can learn from the terrible quilts too!