Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Closets 5 and 6--YIPPEE!

When I got to closets # 5 and 6 I was worried.  These hold my reproduction yardage, many project bags of ongoing or not-yet-started projects and fat quarters of all the colors.  Also, bolts of fabric often used for backs, and several bins with my solids from days long gone, when I was making Amish quilts ala Roberta Horton's Amish Adventure book.  There are several boxes of Oriental prints and one of African prints.  How would I ever get this closet cleaned up, purged and straightened up AND get everything back in there??

All of this is in preparation for my "Pretend I'm Moving Sale" August 28-September 4, open to my guild friends and their friends and the Madison guild, and any other crafty people I can think to invite.  I've written about this here, Closets 1 and 2 and here Closets 3 and 4.

Here is the AFTER:

Oh, my!  There is still room in there!  And I just need to add a few more labels and it's done.  Here is the BEFORE:

What I did:

I purged fabrics
I purged a few not-yet-started projects, never will be now.
I really purged the fat quarters and was thrilled I eliminated one entire large bin of those
I folded everything really neatly so it fits much better
I made labels for most everything

What I did not do:

The bolts on the top shelf--didn't touch those
Ditto the boxes of solids on the top shelf, still there
The boxes of Oriental Fabrics, did not disturb them either
Ditto the box of African fabric--someday I'll use those again.

Yesterday and today I had help:

Rhonda folded batiks like a champion and bagged and bagged and bagged them up.  Great job!

Sharon came today but I did not get her picture--she worked on the yardage culled from all the closets, folding the large pieces neatly, then she bagged and bagged and bagged up the smaller pieces.  She was a great help!

This will be a sale folks will talk about for a long time so I am counting on my friends to bring their friends and get really incredible deals. I'll share more photos when things get set up. Here is a teaser:

The spare bedroom is FULL of boxes filled to overflowing

For now, I am so happy to have the closets under control and I'm working on the clutter around the room,.  It's coming together and I'll be sewing again soon.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Let me know when the sale starts!!!

    1. Dates shown above. Sunday's noon-5, all other days 9-5 or call me.

  2. This will be a sale to remember!
    Wish I could be there; wish my closets looked that good; for that matter, wish I had that many closets!! : )

    1. Stuff accumulates to exceed the space available...

  3. That should be fun for ALL in attendance!!! Too much work for me..I pull out a bunch of stuff, throw it in bags and take it to my friend. She goes thru it, takes what she wants and takes the rest up to the church for the quilt group there!!

    1. It really is a lot of work and I worry people won't come. Time will tell...

  4. Wow! Impressive work! Yippee is right!!!

  5. Silly me...I thought you were going to the beach? Your progress looks amazing! I am having company that weekend, but will duck out to come. Are you really having it Sunday through Sunday? What are the hours? You are going to be worn out! My 2 Michigan buddies and I did this twice in the 2 years before I moved. We did it Friday-Saturday-Sunday, all day, and were completely exhausted! We sold EVERYTHING each time except for a handful of book, which we donated to a library. WAY more successful than our general household moving sale. There were women lined up around the block to get it! We advertised in 4 large guilds, Craig's List, and the Ann Arbor News. We also sent out emails to all the students the 3 of us had ever taught. It was amazing! Please email me the hours and your address, as I will certainly come, probably that first day. I will tell my sister and her family that I am going to church, LOL!!!