Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Closet Before and After

My studio is the largest room in my home, 22' x 24', with 22' of closet space, 9' tall.  Unfortunately, the closet is packed to the gills and stuff is now hidden in other rooms in the house, don't tell...

The end of this month I'm having a "Pretend I'm Moving Sale" for my guild and their crafty friends. This is a LOT of work to prepare for, sorting, culling, stacking, pricing.  But I'm committed now and have worked very hard so far.  The books and thread and notions are done, the fabric is underway.

Here is the first closet BEFORE:

In the past two days I touched every piece of fabric in that closet and culled all I could stand to part with.  Now it looks like this, the AFTER:

I now know I  have too much batting, more green fabric than any other color and so much more black and white and gray than I imagined.  And if you are looking for a fabric that was popular 10-15 years ago, I probably have it...

Here is what I've culled from just this closet--remember, there are two more closets this same size to the left--they run the entire length of the room:

This is only the yardage--fat quarters and pieces smaller than that have not even been touched yet.  My plan is to stuff gallon size zip bags full with those and price them to move.

Tomorrow I march on to the tan/cream/white stash, the gold/orange/yellow stacks, and the red, there is lots of red!  And then there's the batiks AND the Civil War repros--don't know how strong I'll be when it comes to culling those.

Prepping for the sale is hard but I've uncovered several wonderful fabrics I'd forgotten about and even found several small finished quilts to sell, a few tops to sell, and a few tops to quilt and finish.  And it's nice to see a little open space in the closet--maybe I can sneak some of that hidden stuff back into this room...

Let's Quilt!



  1. Oh my....that would be a very hard job to part with fabrics. :( Good luck to you.

  2. Wow! Your after photo is beautiful. I admire you for your Pretend I'm moving sale! I hope to get my space organized next year. Right now, I'm trying to finish some projects that have been taking up counter space! We all have to start somewhere. . .right???

  3. A very big job, judging from the size of your closet. I don't envy you all that work but I do envy your guild members and friends who get to shop the sale!

  4. A very big job! Good thing I'm not closer or I'd help you by making a purchase or two!

  5. Every time I tackle that job I get side tracked by the all the possibilities!!!!

  6. Great job! I commend you for even deciding to go through with it!

  7. You'll be glad you divided and conquered! I know, I always am.

  8. Thank you Thank you for allowing us to view the before pictures. Now i know there are others out there like me!!
    This is on my to do list today !!