Thursday, August 4, 2016

Closets 3 and 4: Done!

Well, almost. In preparation for my "Pretend I'm Moving Sale",  I've been sorting, culling, folding, petting, planning new quilts, and remembering old quilts I've made.  I first wrote about this here, closets 1 and 2.  Now, the middle closets, 3 and 4,  are almost done.  I just have to get two large shoe boxes to hold the Batik Fat Quarters I'm keeping.  I've got a place for them right in front.


This is the batik stash and the backgrounds and wide goods for backs stash.  And the red/orange/yellow/gold/brown fabrics  I was surprised at how much of all of those I have and I was brutal in the culling for those.  Here is the AFTER:

  And here is what has gone into the "For Sale" pile from these closets:

I've had a few friends warn me "Don't get rid of too much!" or "Are you sure you want to get rid of THAT?"    My response is:  Look at what I'm KEEPING:  I figure I've got enough fabric for the next 100 years so unless you can promise me I'll live longer than that, I'm OK with letting my friends share in all this bounty now.

Just getting the closets in order is such a relief.  I found treasures I didn't know I had.  Next up are closets 5 and 6, where all the repros, fat quarters by color and project bags are stashed.  That promises to take several days.

After the closets?  I'm making several sewing kits from all the scissors and little sewing bags I've found.  And I hope to be ruthless in clearly away the clutter around my working spaces--I'm tired of the clutter.

Wish I had time to sew but that will come later.  Sorting/clearing out is job #1 right now.

Go quilt something!



  1. You are making me feel good about my stash lol. Great job! Go girl.

  2. It has to feel terrific to have more space in your closets. I have a friend who says "sometimes, you just have to make room for new!"

    1. No new for me. Still trying to make room to store WIP in the closet.

  3. you'll enjoy your sewing so much after getting the reorganizing done....and.... after the sale - you'll have new 'fabric money'! LOL!!

  4. Bet you it feels great to have it cleaned up and destashed!

  5. Well, I am looking forward to your sale!

  6. Well, I am looking forward to your sale!