Sunday, September 18, 2016

Needle Chasers Quilt Guild Quilt Show 2016

Recently, the Needle Chasers Quilt Guild of Tishomingo County, Mississippi, located in Iuka, MS, held its' biannual quilt show.  They are 60 members strong and one of the nicest group of quilters you could ever hope to meet. Iuka is in the Northeast corner of Mississippi, bordering, Tennessee and Alabama.  An easy two hour drive from my home.

There were about 15 categories and each received a first, second, and third place award, along with several honorable mention awards. The categories were separated by size, Large, Medium, and Small, and by technique, Large, Pieced, Quilted by Hand, Large, Applique', Quilted by Professional, etc.  After all the categories were judged, there was a Best of Show, Large, Best of Show, Medium, and Best of Show, Small selected from the First Place winners in those size categories.

This year they also had a special award for "Outstanding Handwork"--this award was presented in memory of three of their members who had passed away since the last show, all of whom were excellent needlewomen.

And a few of the winners are:
BEST OF SHOW LARGE, Applique', Machine Quilted by a Professional
Wreath of Roses
Made by Karen Asbury and quilted by Marge Love

BEST OF SHOW MEDIUM, Mixed Technique, Machine Quilted by a Professional
Diamonds in the Rough Squared
Made by Lynn Doyle Blaylock, shown here, Quilted by Cheri Weber

BEST OF SHOW SMALL, Other, Quilted by a Non-Professional
Carolina Lily, Made and Quilted by Terri Embrey

Ruth's Rose Garden
Large Applique', Made and Hand Quilted by Dorothy Dailey

And the coveted Viewer's Choice Awards were announced shortly before the show closed:

Large, Mixed Technique. Quilted by Professional
Grandma's Garden in the 30's
Made by Barbara Patterson, shown here, Quilted by Terri Rogers

Another Ribbon for Lynn Blaylocks'
Diamonds in the Rough Squared

Small, Mixed Technique, Quilted by a Non-Professional
Zoey Zebra Made and quilted by Nancy Ice
Another few favorites of mine:

King of the Jungle,
 Medium Pieced Machine Quilted by a Non-Professional
Made and Quilted by Kathleen Robinson

Twisted Posies
Medium Pieced Machine Quilted by a Professional
Made by Marcelle Bethany, Quilted by Sharon Beene

Long May She Wave
Medium Pieced, Machine Quilted by a Non-Professional
Made and Quilted by Terri Embrey

Deco Heart Beat
Small Pieced Quilted by a Professional
Made by Anita Haddad, Quilted by Anita and Terri Rogers

I presented a one hour Trunk Show each of the two days.  It was well-received and I brought exactly the right number of quilts to keep the talk to one hour.  After the first day, they told me I spoke "Yankee fast" for Southern ears, so the second day I sloooowwwwed down, some...

It was a fun few days for me and I hope to return to spend more time with the lovely ladies of the Needle Chasers Guild of Iuka, MS.  As you can see, they are an eclectic group and do wonderful work. There were vendors and theme rooms, and funny signs  part 1  part 2 everywhere. Make plans to attend their 2018 show, you won't be disappointed.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Loved looking at the quilting on some of those showpieces!
    Got a real kick out of you being told you talk Yankee fast! I have never heard that term before, but I haven't spent much time in the South.

  2. I somehow missed a couple of those at the show...thanks for posting pics! It was a great show, and I marvel at your talents...judging, teaching, speaking, working the crowd. It was really fun and you were sweet to introduce me so I could find some PEEPS, LOL! I am still trying to deal with Blogger/Google...SO FRUSTRATING and the help forums have been no help at all, big surprise.