Sunday, September 11, 2016

Quilt Studio--Neat and Tidy

After cleaning up my Studio at the end of the "Pretend I'm Moving Sale", the Studio is neat and tidy.  Since I know this won't last long, I took photos to commemorate this miracle:

At the entrance, facing west

Cutting Surface, facing south

At the ironing station, facing toward the entrance door

The Bernina Q20, with one leaf in place

View from computer desk, facing south

Bernina 630 
I've already gotten things out to play--Splendid Sampler blocks today, a few Circa 2016 nine-patches, and a Feathered Star waiting for attention.  The closets are full but neat and organized, see photos of them here, here, and here. It is now easy to find what I'm looking for.

This weekend I taught a Feathered Star by Paper Piecing workshop, using Sue Garman's Washington Medallion pattern.  It was a process class, teaching the fundamentals of paper piecing this somewhat challenging block.  All 8 of the students were convinced that paper piecing this block was by far the best way for them to achieve the accuracy they wanted.  One student was able to complete her block:

Great job, Eileen!

The others got their center rows completed and the rest of the units ready to join at home:

Frieda's star "exploded"--this makes it easy to see the unit piecing order

I enjoyed the two days in class and am eager to get back to my own Diamond Jubilee quilt.  I prepped a new feathered star to demo in class so all the parts and fabrics are ready, I just need a couple hours to make the units and sew it all together.

This week I am judging a quilt show and presenting two trunk show presentations at the show so that is the first thing I have to do now--decide which quilts to take and gather them together.  Then I can sew--and use my wonderful space to its' fullest potential.  One of my students who came to my sale told me she was just excited to "see where the magic happens" and I  have to say, this IS my happy place.  I spend many  hours being creative here, music playing, singing and sewing.

Let's Quilt!



  1. It was nice to read that you think of your space as your happy place. It looks beautifully organized and ready for lots of creativity. What a challenging class you taught. Your participants are going to love their finished stars!!--Terry

  2. It is a wonderful studio. I can sense the creative energy that flows when you are there. : )

  3. what a fabulous sewing room! wow!

  4. Your sewing room is fabulous! Hopefully you've been working in it, so it is messy again :) Love feathered stars!!