Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Finishes

It's been a busy week but I have a few things to show for my efforts.

First, is a sample for a new class I'll be teaching this Winter:  Quiltmaking 202--Stars and More Stars. I have taught beginning classes for 27 years and many of my students want to know "what's next?"  If they want to improve their skills and move along to more challenging patterns, this is a great class.  We'll make 8 pointed Lemoyne stars, yes, with real set-in piecing:

In the late Spring/Summer, I'll teach another Feathered Star by paper piecing--this is a 12" star, smaller than the 15" one I usually teach.  I quilted this with ruler work on the Bernina Q20. It has to go to the shop now as a sample--when I get it back I'll add more quilting.

Today I finished the Quilters Madder top from Lori's Humble Quilts Sew-A-Long.  It's about 29" square.  I think I'll take it to Houston to hand quilt--I always have hand work with me on a trip, even if I sometimes don't get to work on it:

Another blogger I follow did a pin cushion swap recently and today I received my pin cushion all the way from jolly old England--look what Penny made for me:

I love how it is reversible--use upside or down.  Very sweet--I am very happy, thanks, dear Penny!  Here is the one I made for Laura L in Massachusetts:

I have also kept up with Stella's Splendid Sampler, here is yesterday's block, #72 of 100:

I will be able to do Sunday's block then will be in Houston when the next four blocks are released so will have to get caught up when I get home.  This block was designed by Victoria Findley Wolfe, who I will see in Houston.  She said she loves to use polka dots in her quilts--that was the reason she added the dots to this block.  I started with a polka dot background.  This one I hand appliqued.

The binding is almost done on Color in Black and White, 2--I showed it here.  I still have a RARE Bear body to make--to donate to the cause in Houston.  You can read more about that here.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Look at you go!
    I would love to learn the LeMoyne Star from you. Wish we were neighbors. : )
    Your SAL quilt looks great. I just barely cut step 2 today.
    Hope you enjoy Houston and will share with us afterward!
    The little pin cushion you received makes me think of a starfish doing exercises. Don't know where that came from. *LOL*

  2. Oh, so much going on! My second quilt class was a star sampler and was perfect to follow up a beginners sampler. I wondered if you'd be bringing Quilters madder to Houston! I want to see it in person:)