Monday, September 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday September 3, 2012 and National Sewing Month

It's been two weeks since my knee replacement surgery and I'm doing better each day.  Just because knee and hip replacements have become so common, DO NOT think they are no big deal!  When hammers and saws are involved in surgery, you can bet recovery is most definitely a big deal.  I'm doing well, the staples come out tomorrow and I'll graduate to a cane from the walker, and then I can take a shower!  Progress is measured in the simple things.

Before surgery I prepared several of the Just Takes 2 blocks from August 15 for hand applique'--they are now complete and on the design wall:
They are not in their final position, just wherever I could reach on the wall.  October 1 will bring the instructions for joining this group, along with the 2 sets from September. 

Check out Judy L's blog to see what others are up to.

Bonnie Hunter told us that September is National Sewing Month and she is going to try to hand-quilt one hour a day each day she is home--setting such a manageable goal is the best way I've found to get something done.  I'm doing that too--of course, I have no excuse since I'm laid up--no driving for 6 weeks, just rest and recuperation.  But once I get busy again, it's hard to get the handwork in.  Bonnie asked us to show where we do our handwork.  Here is my "command central":
You can't see too well, but to the right of the chair on the small table is an open box with needles, thread, thimble, scissors, needle threader, all the stuff you need once you sit down.  I have lamps on my right and left--at first, I thought it made the room look "weird" but then a great teacher, Mary Sorensen, told me:  "It's your room, do what you need to make the best workspace!"  Done.  This little doll quilt won't take long to finish, this week, I hope, then I'll move on to another larger project that had taken a back seat. 

For inspiration, check out Bonnie Hunter's blog to see how other quilters set up their work areas.

That's it for now--time to quilt!



  1. What a sweet doll quilt. I think I could tuck into this area you have set up & sew my little heart out!! I am thinking of finishing up a couple doll quilts this way also.

  2. A very comfortable set up, and hand stitching fits the bill right now. Take time to heal.

  3. Glad to see your surgery didn't dampen your spirits ... though I'd have a hard time believing it could! You should post a thorough tour of your quilting room, Barbara -- it was phenomenal! :)